Flights to Dublin

WestJet is pleased to offer daily seasonal service from June 15 to October 25, 2014 from St. John's, Newfoundland to Dublin, Ireland with connecting service from several other Canadian destinations. Did you know that St. John's is closer to Dublin than Calgary? And once you get there, Dublin Airport provides more than 100 non-stop flights to other European destinations.

As you will be travelling on our WestJet Boeing 737 series aircraft, our inflight service, baggage allowances and many other familiar WestJet features will remain the same, however there are some differences you should be aware of now that we are taking you across the pond.

Customs and screening requirements

Toronto to Dublin: flights from Toronto to Dublin are operated on the same aircraft and will have the same flight number for your entire journey. For these flights only, a 90 minute stop is scheduled in St. John's before continuing on. Upon arrival in St. John's, you will be required to disembark the aircraft and will not be permitted to re-enter until re-boarding starts. Although you may leave most of your belongings on board, please take any important or valuable personal items with you. You must take your passport as it is required to re-board for your ongoing international flight segment.

All other flights from Canada connecting via St. John's to Dublin: WestJet flights not originating in Toronto include a connection in St. John's before continuing on to Dublin. You will be required to disembark the aircraft with your carry-on and personal belongings. Your checked baggage will be transferred to your Dublin flight. You must take your passport as it is required to board your ongoing international flight segment.

Dublin to Canada: Flights from Dublin to the rest of WestJet's network include a stop in St. John's before continuing on. You will be required to disembark the aircraft with all of your belongings, and you will be required to pick up your checked baggage. You must take your passport as it is required to clear customs. You can then drop your baggage off for your next flight at WestJet's guest assistance counter. Please proceed to the second level, thru security and to the departure area for your connecting flight.

Inflight entertainment

WestJet flights to Dublin will offer either seatback television with complimentary stored programming or a limited number of tablet rentals, for a fee, on flights without seatback television. We also recommend bringing books, magazines, tablets, portable DVD players or toys for your little WestJetters – just remember your carry-on allowance is limited. For a description of our tablet rental program please see inflight services. You can also enjoy up! – our inflight magazine – available in the seatback pockets.


WestJet's standard checked and excess, and carry-on baggage allowances apply for flights to and from Dublin, however if you are planning on taking fishery products (lobster, crab, etc.) from Canada to Ireland, please be aware that live products are not permitted. All products must be eviscerated, and fishery products including prepared lobsters must not exceed 20 kilograms or one fishery product per person.

Firearms and ammunition

Due to strict regulations, firearms and ammunition (clips/magazines) are not permitted in carry-on baggage, checked baggage or cargo on flights to or from Dublin.


WestJet cannot accept pets in the cabin or in the checked baggage hold to, from or through Dublin due to strict import regulations.

Service and emotional support animals

If you are travelling with a service or emotional support animal into or via Ireland, please be aware that in addition to WestJet's booking requirements for travel with these animals, your dog must be trained by an organization that is accepted by and affiliated to the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) and Assistance dogs must be trained by an organization affiliated with Assistance Dogs International (ADI). You must travel with an assistance dog identification card provided by the qualifying organization and you are required to contact the Animal Health Section of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) by phone at +353-1-6072827 or by e-mail to well in advance of travel in order for the animal to travel.

Travelling with an infant or child

WestJet only allows infant and child restraint systems approved by Transport Canada or the Federal Aviation Administration to be used on board the aircraft. For details on non-acceptable and acceptable infant and child restraint systems, please see approved restraint systems (car seats).