Guests with special needs

General information

If you have a special need, we’ve gathered some information for you. It will be useful if you have an impairment, which may include, but is not limited to, a hearing, speech, visual or cognitive impairment or a mobility impairment that requires the use of an assistive device, like a wheelchair or walker, or the assistance of a personal attendant.

Requesting assistance

We recommend that you contact us a minimum of 48 hours before your flight’s departure, as some services require a little extra time for us to prepare, and in some cases, (like oxygen), we are limited in the number of guests we are able to accept.

Contacting WestJet
Adding a special request is easy. Just call our Sales Super Centre at 1-888-937-8538 and we’ll be happy to assist. If you require TTY service, call 1-877-952-0100.

Whatever your special need may be, we recommend that you call us to let us know. When you do, we will add that information to your reservation to ensure we find you a seat in the area best suited to your needs.

Multiple formats policy
If you require additional information in a format that is not generally available, we offer that information in a number of additional formats. Please see our multiple formats policy.

Types of special needs

If you have allergies and would like to know more about how we accommodate guests with severe allergies triggered by nuts, peanuts, animal dander, fur or saliva, please see our WestJet allergy policy.

If you are travelling with a personal attendant, please call 1-888-937-8538 to add that information to your reservation to ensure you are seated together. If you are travelling with a personal attendant due to a physical or mental disability and require assistance with medication, using the toilet or in the event of an emergency evacuation, please see our personal attendant page for additional information.

Visual impairment
If you are visually impaired and have a JAWS-enabled screen reader you may want to use our lite site for a more streamlined booking process.

Seating: Our aircraft are equipped with tactile row markers located on the overhead bins or on the aisle seats. Tactile row numbers are in raised characters and/or Braille. You may also request that a member of our flight crew help guide you to your seat.

Safety briefings: Supplemental safety briefing cards are available in Braille in English and French on all WestJet aircraft.

Hearing impairment
We offer TTY phone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. TTY service is available by calling 1-877-952-0100. We can also provide a personal inflight safety briefing and a large-print visual aid, if needed.

Service and emotional-support animals
We allow service and emotional-support animals to travel in the floor space in front of your seat on our flights when accompanied by appropriate documentation. As areas with more floor space are limited, we strongly recommend that you call us a minimum of 48 hours before your flight’s departure. Detailed information on supporting documentation and restrictions can be found under service and emotional-support animals.

Assistive devices

If you require some extra help, we can provide mobility assistance for departures and when you arrive at your destination. We accept assistive devices, like wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches at no additional charge. If you call us, we will work with you to identify exactly what you need and add that information to your reservation to make sure that help is available before, during and after your flight.

We accept wheelchairs powered by wet or dry cell batteries. However, safety-related handling and battery packaging is required. If you call us at 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET), we will be able to provide you with more details on wet or dry cell battery acceptance.

Oxygen and medications

Medical oxygen
Although we do not provide medical oxygen, you may bring oxygen on domestic flights. We strongly recommend you notify us a minimum of 48 hours before your flight’s departure, as the number of oxygen cylinders we can accept is limited. WestJet’s documentation requirements and acceptance criteria is available under oxygen needs.

Portable oxygen concentrators
We accept a variety of portable oxygen concentrators; however, we require specific documentation from your physician. Please see oxygen needs for information on accepted models, required documentation and a printable physician’s statement.

Packing your medication
We recommend that all prescription medication is brought in your carry-on baggage. WestJetters are not permitted to administer or give out any type of medication. If you may require medication during flight and are unable to administer or take it alone, you will be required to travel with an attendant.

Using syringes onboard
If you require syringes for medical purposes and will be transporting them in your carry-on baggage, we recommend that you also bring the medication you will be taking using the syringe. The medication needs to be in a container with the name of the medication and the name of either the pharmacy that dispensed it or the manufacturer of the medication.