Adding new airline
partners means welcoming
more guests to WestJet.

In 2011, WestJet's airline partnerships expanded as we launched 10 interline and three new code-sharing agreements. We have continued this determined pace in early 2012 by adding additional interline arrangements and welcoming Delta Air Lines as our fifth code-share partner. Delta is our second code-share partnership with a U.S. carrier, in addition to American Airlines.

Selectively growing our airline partnerships is an efficient and low-cost way of bringing more traffic to WestJet's network. Plus, airline partnerships make it easier for our guests to fly further and experience more, all with one ticket.

Airline Partnerships
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Flight Attendant

"I enjoy the flight benefits, but I choose to work at WestJet because we continue to grow and create new opportunities for employees and guests alike. To me, expanding our reach means that we aren't just taking our guests to more great destinations, we're reaching out to our guests to include them in our WestJet family."