Flying high doesn't
mean we don't care
about our footprint.

We believe that responsible growth is the key to providing value to our shareholders, guests and employees. Growing responsibly is about balancing business objectives with the environment and the needs of the communities we serve. In 2011, we published a Responsible Growth review as a precursor to a corporate social responsibility report which we plan to complete in 2012 using the Global Reporting Initiative framework.

As we continue to expand our reach, we do so with the careful consideration of our return on invested capital targets and an overall view towards profitable growth and returning value to shareholders.

Responsible Growth
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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Technical Operations

"I like working at WestJet because of the people. Our team is dedicated to maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry and ensuring that our family, friends and guests all reach their destinations safely. I believe that all WestJetters contribute to the overall success of our company and that this team mentality really sets us apart from the competition."