The only thing not
taking a WestJet Vacation
is our growth.

WestJet Vacations started in 2006, and in five short years has become a key part of our fun, family-friendly business. We recently obtained a direct selling license for the province of Quebec, allowing us to market vacation packages directly to that quarter of Canada's population who have a fondness for travel.

In 2011, we launched a redesigned westjetvacations.com and merged it with the existing structure of westjet.com, offering guests the opportunity to book flights and vacations through a simple and consistent website. The revamped vacations site is one of the best in class with features such as destination and hotel guides, destination maps, guest reviews and an improved online booking process.

WestJet Vacations
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Customer Service Agent

"I don't consider myself just a check-in agent. I'm a WestJet representative serving our guests and contributing to their great experience on a daily basis. I work at WestJet because I feel I'm part of a team that's empowered to make each guest experience a great one. Expanding our reach means that the sky is limitless!"