Vito Culmone

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Vito Culmone

Executive Vice-President, Finance, CFO

Vito Culmone"I feel quite privileged to be working for an organization that is unique in many special ways and is growing and succeeding. At WestJet, we've hit upon an exceptional formula that combines a low cost structure and a highly engaged workforce providing exceptional customer service. This positions us to create long term benefits for our WestJetters, our guests and our shareholders."

Vito Culmone joined WestJet as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice-President, Finance, in March 2007. He is responsible for the overall financial management of WestJet and its financial reporting, as well as for multiple corporate functions including Controllership, Treasury, Investor Relations, Legal, Purchasing, Government Relations and Planning.

Vito obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 1989 while at Price Waterhouse and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining WestJet, Vito enjoyed a 12-year career at Molson Inc. where he worked in a number of business environments. At Molson Vito worked both domestically and internationally in various senior leadership roles and gained significant experience in negotiating, evaluating and leading strategic investment opportunities. His previous roles at Molson included Vice-President, Controller and Corporate Finance, Molson Inc. (pre-merger with Coors); Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Molson U.S.A.; and Vice-President, Commercial Finance at Molson Canada.

Vito is a firm believer in living life to its fullest and that includes finding work that you are passionate about. He is married, the father of two children, and his favourite WestJet destination is the Hawaiian Islands.