Fishing and hunting equipment

Boy scouts aren't the only ones who want you to be prepared. If you're planning to travel with fishing or hunting equipment, please review the information below. If your itinerary includes any flight operated by one of our airline partners, you should contact the other airline as their services and ability to accommodate you may be different.


  • WestJet will accept equipment that meets the requirements for air travel for most flights. Please see below for restrictions based on your particular destination.
  • The maximum length accepted is 9.8 feet.
  • This equipment is subject to all applicable excess baggage fees unless otherwise stated. Fees are combinable where applicable. For example, if an item is overweight, oversized and a second item, all three fees may apply.
  • View our service fees for more information.
  • For specific packing instructions, restrictions or other information related to fishing and hunting equipment, please contact WestJet at 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET).

See specific details on the transport of the following hunting equipment items:

Antlers and Horns

Antlers and horns will not be accepted in carry-on baggage. Containers for antlers and horns will be considered as part of your checked baggage allowance and must meet the weight and size guidelines. The additional and excess (overweight/oversized) fee will be charged if applicable.

As antlers and horns may be damaged or damage other checked baggage without proper packing WestJet requires that all antlers and horns be:

  • packed in a leak-proof container with a secure lid
  • completely free of raw meat, blood or noticeable odour
  • be padded (antlers and horn tips) to prevent punctures to the container and/or other baggage

Archery equipment

WestJet will accept one archery set consisting of a bow or crossbow, a quiver of arrows and a maintenance kit in checked baggage. This set will be considered as part of your checked baggage must be packaged in a rigid and/or hard shell container specifically designed for shipping. The additional and excess (overweight/oversized) fee will be charged if applicable.

Firearms and ammunition

  • While WestJet accepts firearms for scheduled flights within Canada and to/from the United States, regulations differ for some of our international destinations.
  • Although some guidance is provided below for firearm and ammunition restrictions and embargos to/from some of our international destinations, this information may change or new restrictions/embargos may be introduced. You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary permissions, documentation and other requirements have been obtained or satisfied prior to travelling. WestJet accepts no liability in the event that your weapon is denied entry or is confiscated upon entry. Please contact your destination's consulate for further information.
  • Due to strict regulations, firearms and ammunition (clips/magazines) are not permitted in carry-on, checked baggage or cargo on flights to or from Dublin.
  • Firearms are restricted on flights to/from:
    • Bermuda (BDA)
    • Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI)
    • Kingston, Jamaica (KIN)
    • Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)
    • Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (POS)
    • St. Lucia (UVF)
  • Each firearm item will be considered a piece of your checked baggage allowance.
  • Guests checking baggage and firearms over the permitted amount will be subject to applicable additional and excess baggage fees.

Firearms acceptance criteria

  • Firearms are permitted ONLY in checked baggage, and ONLY if the firearm is:
    • Unloaded (declaration must be signed)
    • Packaged in a locked, heavy-duty container or hard-sided (opaque) gun case
    • Restricted firearms must be locked with either a cable lock or trigger lock
    • Non-restricted firearms such as hunting rifles and shotguns do not require a cable or trigger lock.
  • WestJet will accept the following types of firearms:
    • Shotguns
    • Handguns
    • BB guns
    • Starter pistols
    • Rifles
    • Air pistols
    • Paintball guns (Please note: carbon dioxide cartridges/tanks for paintball guns will only be accepted if empty, with the valve secured in the open position. Please see restricted items for more details.)
  • Ammunition must be:
    • Securely packaged and packed separately from the firearm, however it is permitted to be transported within the same container.
    • Carried in sturdy baggage not weighing more than 5 kg (11 lb.) gross weight per person (excluding ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles)
    • Packaged in the manufacturer's original container or an equivalent sturdy, durable container that provides sufficient cartridge separation
  • Tasers and stun guns
    • Tasers and stun guns are prohibited for transport

Fishing equipment

  • One fishing rod and a tackle box will be accepted per guest, and the oversized fee will be waived; however, the additional and excess (overweight) fee will be charged if applicable.
  • Fishing rods must be encased in a hard-shell cylinder fishing rod container.

Perishable items including seafood

For information on packing perishable items including seafood as carry on or check baggage, please click here.