Check-in options

To ensure your travel experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, please give yourself plenty of time to make your flight, drop off your baggage, and to go through security and customs (if applicable). Guests must have their boarding passes (printed or electronic), baggage tags and baggage dropped off before our cut-off times. Unfortunately, guests who do not meet our minimum cut-off times (below) for check-in or baggage drop will be denied travel and/or baggage acceptance, with no exception.

WestJet offers three self-serve check-in options, web, kiosk and mobile check in. Guest assistance is also available at the airport counter.

Whatever method you choose to check in, be sure to have the following available before you start the check-in process:

  • your reservation code or WestJet ID;
  • your passport, if you are travelling to the US or  internationally; and
  • your hotel name, destination address, cruise or transit airline if you are travelling to the U.S.

The cut-off times shown below may not represent the amount of time required to drop off baggage and to go through security. We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before a domestic flight and at least 120 minutes before an international flight.

You should arrive at the boarding gate at least 40 minutes before flight departure - and here's why. If you arrive less than 10 minutes before departure you will be denied boarding. WestJet is not responsible for missed flights, transfers, or any portion of onward travel due to late arrival at the gate.

Check-in and baggage cut-off times
(Check in now)
(Check in now)
KioskGuest assistance
  (Available locations)

Available as early as1

24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure Three (3) hours before your flight's scheduled departure

Domestic cut-off time before scheduled departure

60 minutes 45 minutes 45 minutes 45 minutes

International cut-off time before scheduled departure

60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes

1Baggage will be accepted up to three (3) hours before departure at most locations. Checked baggage is accepted until the check-in cut-off time for the flight.

Services available by check-in method2
 WebMobileKioskGuest assistance
  (Available locations)

Check in

Check in on a code-share or interline flight when WestJet is the first operating carrier3

Check in on a code-share or interline flight when a partner airline is the first operating carrier4

Add/edit a WestJet Rewards, AAdvantage® or SkyMiles® number to your reservation

Select an earlier flight

Select your seat

Select a seat in Plus5

Pay excess baggage fees6

Email your boarding pass7

Print your boarding pass


Print your bag tags

(Available locations)

2Please check in with a WestJet agent at guest assistance if you:

  • are checking in an unaccompanied minor;
  • will be bringing a personal oxygen cylinder;
  • have purchased an extra seat;
  • are part of a group of more than nine guests where all guests have the same last name;
  • are departing from an airport in Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

3The airline selling seats is referred to as the marketing carrier; the airline providing the aircraft, crew and ground-handling support is referred to as the operating carrier. If the first flight of your journey is not operated by WestJet, you must check in with the code-share or interline partner operating the flight.

4Please be sure to check in with the airline that is operating your flight; or if you have connecting flights, the airline that is operating the first portion.

5Guests have the option to select a seat in Plus at the time of check in, if available, for a fee. Seats in Plus are located in the first three rows of the aircraft and include advance boarding, early access to overhead bins, and food and beverages (including beer, wine and spirits) from our on-board menu.

6Be sure to print your receipt for excess baggage fees to show the WestJet agent at baggage drop.

7Depending on special services requested your location and/or travel destination, web and mobile check-in may direct you to guest assistance for your boarding pass.

8Kiosks do not issue baggage tags for any booking that includes a partner operated flight, or a flight which has been sold by a partner airline.