WestJet UATP program

WestJet UATP card

WestJet is a UATP issuer, providing payment options for travel agents, corporate clients and small to medium enterprises.

  • Why use the WestJet UATP program?

      • Control costs
      • Receive superior management reports
      • Improve credit security and control

      Enjoy savings, control costs and reconcile easily with the most detailed reporting in the industry. Become a WestJet UATP subscriber today.

  • Corporate benefits

      • All basic program benefits
      • DataMine available for all UATP subscribers
  • Travel management information

      • Most comprehensive worldwide air travel data in the industry
      • Control costs
      • Reconcile easily
      • Tie service fees with airline tickets
      • Timely management reports
  • Save money

      • No application fee
      • No annual fees
      • No foreign exchange fees
      • No per card fee or minimum number of cards required
  • Provides security

      • Controls fraud and limits abuse
      • Cardless accounts

For more information, contact UATPsales@westjet.com.


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