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Enjoy your flight even more with a selection from our online pre-purchase menu. Choose from deli-style sandwiches, vegetarian options and more. All items are prepared fresh and made exclusively for your on-board dining experience.

London Gatwick

Choose from exclusive items only featured on our pre-purchase menu, as well as inflight guest favourites. To maintain the highest quality products, we carry a limited number of fresh items on each flight. To guarantee the meal of your choice, we recommend pre-purchasing your meal prior to your flight.

Guest favourites menu

Deluxe Cheese Tray

Cheese tray $6.99

Cheeses, apple slices and Melba toast. A pleasing plate that is perfect for snack time.

Ham & Swiss croissant

Ham & Swiss croissant $7.49

Black forest ham, Swiss cheese, roasted garlic and red pepper mayonnaise – on a fresh, flaky croissant. Classic, with a WestJet twist.

Turkey Caesar croissant

Turkey Caesar croissant $7.49

Smoked turkey breast, Provolone cheese and romaine lettuce are brought to life with our delicious Caesar dressing and enjoyed on a fresh, flaky croissant. We think this new sandwich will quickly become a guest favourite.

Roast beef cheddar wrap

Roast beef cheddar wrap $7.49

Roast beef and shredded cheddar cheese, complemented with a creamy Dijon horseradish spread, all wrapped inside a soft cheddar cheese tortilla. Now that's a wrap.

Spicy Italian

Spicy Italian $7.49

Provolone cheese, Genoa salami, spicy capicollo and mortadella layered onto a fresh rosemary bun, finished with olive oil and oregano. Magnifico!
Available onboard in March and April.

Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese $7.99

Our take on this classic comfort dish features traditional macaroni pasta in a seasoned creamy cheddar cheese sauce. Enjoy a satisfying hot meal 41,000 ft. in the air.
Available on most flights onboard our Boeing 767 aircraft.

Breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwich $5.49

We start with bacon and egg, because it’s breakfast, after all. Add nice mild cheddar, and put it on an English muffin. When it comes to breakfast sandwiches, simple is best.
Available on morning departures onboard our Boeing 767 aircraft.

Huli huli chicken

Huli huli chicken $9.99

This authentic Hawaiian dish features chicken breast, topped with a sweet and savory Huli Huli sauce, complemented with sticky rice and mixed vegetables.
Available on flights to and from Hawaii onboard our Boeing 767 aircraft.

Pre-purchase menu exclusives

Made fresh for you and only available from our pre-purchase menu.

Deli platter $8.99

Deluxe Deli Platter

This selection of deli meats and cheeses makes a lunch to linger over, or share and savour with a friend. Enjoy with a glass of wine, and add a distinct element of pleasure to your flight. Cold cuts and cheeses vary by departure city.

Grilled chicken garden salad $7.99

Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken

Crisp mixed greens and garden fresh vegetables, tossed and topped with grilled chicken. With balsamic vinaigrette on the side so you can enjoy exactly the way you want it.

Veggie wrap $7.49

Vegetable Wrap

The best place for garden fresh vegetables isn't the garden – it's snugly tucked into a spinach tortilla and seasoned with sesame mayo dressing. No green thumb required.

Thai chicken wrap $7.49

Thai chicken wrap

Fire-grilled chicken breast, rice or noodles, red and green peppers, carrots and green onions, with basil or cilantro and mild Thai chili flavours, all in a soft shell tomato tortilla. A world of flavour from the comfort of your seat.

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