Check-in and cut-off times

To ensure your travel experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, please give yourself plenty of time to make your flight, drop off your baggage and to go through security and customs (if applicable).

Flights Within Canada To/from the U.S. To/from international destinations
Check-in opens
(before departure)
24 hours3 24 hours 24 hours
Self-serve methods1
(web, kiosk, mobile)
60 minutes2 60 minutes 60 minutes
90 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Check-in and baggage4 check-in cut-off times 45 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Boarding gate
arrival time5
30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes

1 The check-in times shown here may not represent the amount of time required to drop off baggage and to go through security. Guests who have purchased a "Plus" fare type receive priority security screening at available airports.

2 Kiosk/mobile check-in are available up to 45 minutes before flight departure; though checking in less than 60 minutes before departure is not advised if you are travelling with baggage or departing from a busy airport.

3 Due to facility constraints, counter check-in opens in Calgary and Toronto three hours before departure.

4 Baggage will be accepted up to three (3) hours before departure at most locations.

5 If you arrive at the gate less than 10 minutes before departure and the aircraft is already boarded, you will be denied boarding. WestJet is not responsible for missed flights, transfers, or any portion of onward travel due to late arrival at the gate.