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Roanoke, Virginia, is a modestly-sized, friendly city with easy access to many of the metropolitan giants of the eastern seaboard. Roanoke has managed to preserve its unique identity and personal character despite sitting within a day's drive of two thirds of the entire population of the United States of America.

The city prides itself on being large enough to offer opportunity to its citizens and visitors while still being small enough to be personal and allow locals to contribute and make a difference in their community. Cited as being both a very livable city as well as a conscientiously green city, Roanoke sports a high standard of living rating.

The city's personality is influenced by nearby natural beauty including the Roanoke River and the hard-to-miss Blue Ridge Mountains which have managed to inspire song and influence Americana. Proximity to natural areas and extensive greenway trails provides outdoor enthusiast and visitors with many options for hiking, camping, fishing, biking and watersports. Mill Mountain Park is home of the famed Mill Mountain Star, a large neon draw for tourists since it was first turned on in 1949.

Roanoke's emphasis on the environment and education is evident in many of the city's activities and venues. Visitors may want to visit an outdoor park festival (depending on the season), Center in the Square (Roanoke's cultural hub), the Hopkins Planetarium or the Mill Mountain Zoo.

Shoppers and foodies will find Roanoke's City Market a haven of sights, sounds and flavours. Museums and galleries highlight the region's historical ties to the railway lines and resources that were carried away on them. Local charm can be found at the Grandin Theatre which shows free cartoons on Friday and Saturday morning and screens locally produced short films.

Roanoke's size and nature inspires its people to participate in the community. WestJet can help you join in the fun with flights through our airline partners.

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