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On the lookout for family vacation deals to British Columbia? We’re glad that you found us. In fact, our team of WestJetters has been working tirelessly to bring you the most fun-filled family getaway package to dazzling British Columbia that is sure to keep every family member smiling. Our family-oriented hotel and resort choices have been skillfully selected by our adept travel team, so you can expect to enjoy the cream of the crop. Book your vacation today, and before you know it you’ll be making memories in British Columbia.

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When you turn to WestJet Vacations, landing in British Columbia and discovering such alluring sights as world-class vineyards, Whistler Resort and whale watching in Victoria is just a few clicks away. From beginning to end, we're your trusted source for a better vacation experience. Besides a wide selection of packages, you can also turn to us for an extensive flight schedule and great programs like our WestJet Rewards, which makes travelling more often a possibility. So don't wait another day to find the right family vacation deals to British Columbia: book your vacation package with us today.

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