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For great family vacation deals from Kitchener/Waterloo, turn to WestJet. With us you’ll find more than safe, affordable and friendly travel: we also offer hand-picked, family-centered getaways that include something for everyone. Whether you’re all looking to hit the slopes or bask in the sun – or even just get out of Kitchener/Waterloo for a while – you can count on WestJet for top vacation deal deals. Browse our package deals below or submit the search form to find the escape your whole family deserves.

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Our affordable fares, hand-picked hotels and quality guest experiences make us a great choice. We have a proud reputation of providing the country’s best-rated guest service and guest satisfaction ratings.† Beyond that, we also offer the WestJet Rewards program, which helps guests earn WestJet dollars® for every WestJet Vacation package booked with us – and you can earn dollars even faster with the WestJet RBC® MasterCard.* That's why we're the name to look for first when it comes to family vacation deals from Kitchener/Waterloo

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