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Honolulu Overview

Aloha! from the beautiful shores of Honolulu, the state capitol of Hawaii and the base for your most memorable vacation ever. Nestled on the picturesque island of Oahu, Honolulu feels as far away from its mainland U.S. counterpart as can be, allowing you to experience the island's Polynesian culture and laid-back living.

Whether you're looking for luscious national parks, word-class surfing or an electrifying party scene, Honolulu is a destination that will deliver on every front. Spread over eight main islands, the state's volcanic archipelago is what's responsible for such diverse natural scenery, fluctuating between a beautiful and sometimes volatile landscape. Though it' one of the smallest and least populous of America's fifty member states, Hawaii's non-contiguous status incites an air of matchless exclusivity, inspiring you to begin planning your return before even departing.

Beautiful Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii

What to do during the day?

Combining modern day conveniences, natural beauty and treasured landmarks of times gone by, your Honolulu vacation will be a limitless possibility of activities. The city itself incorporates many neighbourhoods and districts, including the well-known Pearl Harbor area, where a surprise attack by the Japanese in 1941 brought the U.S. into World War II. Today there is a famous memorial at the sight, the USS Arizona Memorial, which straddles the sunken hull of a battleship and can only be accessed by boat.

Another excursion popular among families is a hike around the crater of the Diamond Head volcano, which looms over the neighbourhood of Waikiki, Honolulu. There's a clearly marked trail (approximately a two-hour round trip) that meanders up the cone and to the crater' rim, with plenty of tunnels and bunkers to explore along the way. Those who successfully reach the top are rewarded with panoramic views of O'ahu and the Honolulu skyline.

Finally, no trip to Honolulu is complete without testing the waves and trying your hand at surfing. Waikiki beach is arguably one of the best destinations in the world to learn to surf, boasting plenty of world-class surf schools and the requisite ocean swells into which you can dip your toes -- or struggle to stay upright depending on your capabilities! Typical fees for surf lessons are $50 for groups and $100 for individuals.

City View of Honolulu, Hawaii

What to do at night?

As much as Honolulu is a haven for the active day adventurer, the city is just as well suited to the intrepid night owl seeking an evening of sophisticated dining or even nightclub debauchery. From hearty cabarets, to swanky restaurants, to popular DJs, there' a nighttime haunt to suit any taste no matter the hour.

For the most postcard-perfect view, an idyllic evening can be spent taking in the sunset from the Mai Tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, situated on the golden sand of Waikiki beach. Visitors can later proceed to the CabaRAE Theater & Lounge, where acrobats, comedians, magicians and aerialists put on a two hour spectacle of enthralling entertainment. Looking to take the night into the early hours of morning? Push your endurance to the limit by following up your nighttime exploits with a visit to Honolulu' very own Chinatown, where underground clubs and edgy bars provide the perfect excuse to bar-hop.

Wedding plans?

Given its pristine beaches, volcanic background and sumptuous hotels, Honolulu has positioned itself as one of the ultimate wedding destinations for blushing brides and grooms. Most resorts are happy to cater to large wedding parties and, as such, offer a variety of packages to make that special day all the more extraordinary. At the luxurious Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk, couples can opt for a ceremony on Ivanka Terrace overlooking Waikiki Beach, teamed with an orchid aisle way and selection of fresh flowers. Likewise, at the Kahala Hotel and Resort, wedding parties can also enjoy an oceanfront ceremony, along with a musical duet and one hour videography.

Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii

What else is nearby?

Entertainment buffs will instantly associate Hawaii with the considerable number of TV and movies that have been filmed across the island chain. Hawaii Five-O, Lost, Jurassic Park, Godzilla and Pirates of the Caribbean are just some of the blockbusters to have been shot on location in the area. Looking to follow in the footsteps of your favourite Hollywood stars? A number of tour operators offer outings to visit the film sites dotted across O'ahu Island, but an added bonus? Godzilla' footprint is still there!

If you're looking to venture further afield, feel free to island hop to the 'Big Island' of Hawaii via a quick interisland flight, either arranged independently or through a tour. Here you will find the famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where active volcanoes produce streams of scalding lava, eerie moon-like landscape and rare plants that can only be found in this isolated corner of the world.

Diamond Head Mountain in Honolulu, Hawaii

What to eat?

Given Hawaii' non-contiguous location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it should come as no surprise that the state' cuisine has been heavily influenced by not only American, but also Polynesian and Pan-Asian cookery. Second only to Tokyo, Honolulu serves what can be considered some of the best sushi in the world owing to the abundance of locally caught seafood. The extra special Sushi Sasabune is one such place where creative chefs slice and dice sashimi into artwork. For more traditional Hawaiian dishes, a popular spot among travellers and locals alike is Helena' Hawaiian Food, a hole-in-the-wall outlet known for its time-honoured fare of squid luau, kalua pork and lip-smacking short ribs.

Where to stay?

Low budget:

WestJet offers a wide selection of hotels in the low end price range, ensuring you can plan the perfect trip to suit your needs. Starting from $136 a night, the unfussy Hawaiian Monarch Hotel is ideally located in downtown Honolulu, perfect for setting up base and exploring what the town has to offer. Equally close to the action is the Marina Tower Waikiki, where from $170 a night guests can take advantage of an outdoor pool, ocean views and in-room kitchenettes.


In the mid-range price bracket, Honolulu' hotel offerings open up to include beachfront locales just steps away from the sand. At Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort, ocean view rooms, an outdoor pool and massage treatments are all on hand from $365 a night. Meanwhile, the four star Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa will satisfy even the most discerning of guests with its two spa tubs, Waikiki beach view and poolside bar.

High end:

Honolulu is a certified playground for the rich and, when money is no object, nothing but the finest five star hotels will do. Halekulani (from $752 a night) is one such resort where bathrobes, private balconies and separate sitting rooms come as standard in all hotel rooms. Likewise, Jet Luxury at The Trump Waikiki(from $759 a night) strives to live up to its name by offering a small selection of just ten condo suites, all featuring private deep-soaking bath tubs, a kitchenette and pillow menu.

When to go?

Christmas, spring break and summer vacation are the times that the biggest crowds descend upon Honolulu, consequently driving prices higher than some may realistically want to pay. But surge aside, these periods are also when the best celebrations take place, like the Honolulu Festival in March, the Aloha Festivals in September and the Honolulu Marathon in December. The least expensive time of year to visit Honolulu is October and November, when the temperature drops a degree or two and fewer people visit the island chain.

Getting around?

Buses are frequent and convenient to use in getting around Honolulu. 'The Bus' is the official transit service and single fares cost $2.50 to use within a specified amount of journey time. If you're planning on staying in Honolulu, it may be a good idea to purchase 4-Day Pass for $35, allowing for unlimited travel across the bus network. Route 22 is a great route for travelling alongside the beach, while Route 52 follows a convenient (and scenic) circle around the entire island.

Taxis are also readily available in Honolulu and ideally suited to those who don't want to follow a bus schedule. Drivers are knowledgeable about the city and all rates are regulated by set government fares. Expect to pay approximately $2/per km, not including tip which should be between 15 and 20 percent the total fare.


Honolulu' temperature fluctuates little throughout the year thanks to its tropical savannah climate. Between June and October, daily highs often sit around 31°C, occasionally dipping to lows of 23°C. Winter months see temperature variations between 19° and 26°C, with slightly increased rainfall of 50mm to 80mm a month. Hurricanes and tornadoes are a rare occurrence in Honolulu, with the last recorded hurricane taking place in 1992.


As a city within the U.S. state of Hawaii, the currency of Honolulu is that of the American dollar (sign: $; code: USD), which can be purchased at Honolulu International Airport. Likewise, most hotels will exchange foreign currency and traveller' checks are still widely accepted. Always inform your bank of any travel plans if you intend to use a credit card.

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