Hotel Tuxpan

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Reviewed by 349caridadf() on Sep 30, 2020

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    We had a horrible time , the attention is really bad , they practically kicked us out the last day , before we left we wanted to refill our cup with beer and they didn’t let us , they treated us really bad , IM NOT COMING BACK AND I DONT RECOMEND THIS HOTEL!!!!!!!!! Specially the snack bar bar tender MICHEL , he was really mean to us and disrespectful, really bad people there.

    My Boyfriend and I had a blast!!!

    Reviewed by Ashly C(Sault Ste. Marie, Canada) on Apr 06, 2020

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    This was my second time to Cuba and my boyfriends first time. We stayed at the Tuxpan.. Where to start from the moment we arrived we were welcomed and felt the warmth. Our room was very clean and the bath tub was fantastic! Our beach was beautiful we couldn't complain about that at all we spent lots of our time on the beach. The food was alright we always had tons of options for lunch, there were 4 different choices on where to eat at lunch time everyday. I can say we never went hungry. If anything we over ate! The piano bar was my fav spot to go! The bartenders there were amazing and even remembered what you wanted for the whole stay. A smaller resort which we wanted and very close to the markets which were fabulous. We never had an issue finding a spot on the beach or the pool area. Also the ice cream in the buffet was to die for!!!! loved it ate it almost every single night. Would we go back of course I cant really complain about this place we were welcomed with open arms and when we had to leave it was very sad. The only thing we would change is next time we go we will stay 10 days not 7. We thank all the wonderful staff on the resort and one amazing bartender we wish all the best is KIKI what an amazing guy!!!

    Tuxpan Review

    Reviewed by juliaquast_() on Mar 22, 2020

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    This was my second trip to cuba and my second stay at the tuxpan resort. i love this resort. varadero is a beautiful city with such friendly, accommodating people. the tuxpan resort has such wonderful workers. i would like to provide a list of names of a few workers of the tuxpan resort who made our stay both last time and this time, just absolutely wonderful. these individuals are: cuba people lemis luis alfredo israel danilo danyada yohandra lester ilysandra eugenio kiki

    Urgent investment needed! ???????????

    Reviewed by quiquiri_kiko(San Jose, Costa Rica) on Mar 14, 2020

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    As almost everything in Cuba this hotel seems like it was initially a very nice hotel but the lack of investment in maintenance makes it have a poor look. It seems like in Cuba whatever standards they use to give an hotel the amount of stars only makes an initial revision but they don’t do anual revisions to check if the hotel has a 4/5 stars standard like this hotel supposedly has (I would give them 2.5 out of 5 stars). The only thing that is 4 stars at this hotel is the night shows, the dancers do an incredible performance in the different shows they offer. Also the location of the hotel is another strong point since the beach in front of the hotel is beautiful. Although, the cocktails they offer are not good at all and you can tell they are done with cheap liquor and ingredients. In the snack bar they have a green board that says: “Menu: pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches etc etc etc” this is normal since you’re paying for a “4 star all inclusive hotel”... but then you ask the servers and they say oh we only have hamburgers (veeeeery basic hamburgers ????) or cheese and jam sandwiches (also very basic) this is unacceptable. They could at least take off the green board the other options and put only sandwiches and hamburgers... this wouldn’t fix the situation but at least they wouldn’t create false expectations... other than the cheap food and drinks and very few snack options at the “4 star all inclusive” the installations are completely abandoned... you can tell that they haven’t done any investment in maintenance or renovations in loooots of years. It’s not a secret that the economic situation at Cuba isn’t the best, but if they don’t invest and don’t offer good food and drinks than don’t sell it as a 4 stars... because it definitely isn’t a 4 stars experience. Wouldn’t go back and wouldn’t recommend this place to no one!

    March 2020

    Reviewed by emilygmarie() on Mar 13, 2020

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    Just returned from a week stay here. What a great resort!! I loved every minute of this vacation. The buffet food was a hit or miss as per usual but you can find great food very close downtown and at the beach bar- highly recommend the fish. The a la carte restaurant was very good also. Thanks to Pablo and the entertainment crew for the fun times, music, and games by the pool and nightly entertainment shows. Fun fun fun!! Cheers! - Emily