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From the cute sailors' outfits worn by the servers to the light fixtures shaped like ship wheels, this place is serious about its nautical theme. It seems fitting since the term la atarraya actually refers to a type of fishnet which can be found strung through the rafters overhead. Most of the seating here is indoors, but look for the little five-table patio along the water, accessed through the back of the restaurant.

La Atarraya hovers on stilts over Laguna de la Leche, a milky greenish lake that is a popular spot for anglers who haul in tarpon, carp and tilapia from the limestone-infused waters. Fish is prominently featured on the menu but also be sure to try the wickedly good paella - a Spanish rice dish. La Atarraya is frequented by Cubans and travellers alike, so prices here are listed in both convertible and Cuban pesos. If you can get your hands on some Cuban pesos, meals are much less expensive (as little as one-third of the price!).

Pricing: $-$$