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You've probably seen England's capital in the movies and read about it in novels — London's streets, buildings and parks make an easy choice for a scenic narrative (or WestJet vacation). With a history as rich as its fiction, few cities are as storied as London.

From Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare to Alfred Hitchcock and J.K. Rowling, London has inspired creative minds through the years and often serves as the setting for their work. London's historic neighbourhoods have resulted from continuous occupation for (at least) two millennia, making it a versatile location for period pieces. The city's original British character has been influenced and added to by the steady flow of visitors from history including Romans, Angles, Saxons and Normans, to name a few.

The narrative between London and its people has been enriched as years have gone by, with exploration, conflict and cultural development giving the city a collection of commemorative sites. Whether navigating through the tangled tracks of the Underground, strolling side-by-side the River Thames, testing guards' abilities to keep straight faces at Buckingham Palace or coming face-to-face with an actor at The Globe, London showcases the lengths it has gone through to maintain a backdrop that withstands the test of time.

However colourful London's past may be, its future is even brighter. A modern allure blankets London's interior, awaiting the next monument that will draw in both locals and tourists alike. Amongst these wonders is the London Eye, peeking both day and night over the city's skyline. In the Eye all the contemporary charm of London can be experienced — look up towards the Shard, the tallest building in the European Union; or down onto Harrods, where it's a breeze to match your style with the individuality of the city itself.

As visitors wander London's nooks and crannies, the capital's living, breathing culture reveals itself to be as intriguing as the protagonist of any great novel. Between catching whispers of one of 300 in-city languages, getting lost in the British Museum (one of the city's 170 museums and home to the Rosetta Stone), Instagramming models running to shows during London Fashion Week or being one of thousands to see Coldplay perform at the O2, London's personality keeps visitors turning its pages for more and proves why it is the most-visited city in the world.

The preludes and aftermaths to great adventures consist of moments of contentment. Such instants are abundant in London, despite its blockbuster-level hype. Stopping to smell the roses can be easier than expected here, whether drifting through The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, sharing your mind at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park or simply visiting a friend over a spot of tea. Yet, no matter which side-stories are stumbled upon, the thrill of London's key plotlines are never too far out of reach. Plot out your own epic London story with a little help from WestJet.

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Need a conversation starter? When in London, you can always rely on the weather for that. Never the same from start to finish, days spent in London can be filled with heat, rain and wind. That being said, the warmest months lie between June and September, with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 18 degrees C. The coolest periods range between December to March, with 5 to 7 degrees C as the average. Rain is possible, sunburns are possible. Be prepared for it all when visiting England's capital.

Average monthly temperature and average monthly rainfall diagrams for London

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