Hollywood Beach Resort Cruise Port

2.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 2 and 3 stars. 2 star - Budget accommodation with limited facilities and services. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    A true DUMP!

    Reviewed by SabrinasMom72() on Jul 22, 2019

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    I almost stayed here...THANK GOD I DIDN'T! This place looks like a run down dump. We walked thru the property on a leisurely stroll and I was thanking the heavens that I did not book this place. It looks dirty and is not maintained. It is at the end of the 'action & nightlife' of the Broadwalk too. AKA: Deadzone.

    Harassed by security throughout the trip!

    Reviewed by Sandykassia1() on Jun 27, 2019

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    The hotel is ok. Likely not what they were before, but not terrible. We did smell marijuana on our floor, but never felt scared or anything. Location is nice. We enjoyed the beach. Problem is the staff. We were harassed over and over by “security staff”. First my husband was already in the pool when I came in. I did not have a key so I asked my husband to come to the pool gate and open for me. I did not sit next to me because I wanted a shade. Security staff kept harassing me with questions of who I was, my relationship with my husband, wEre we really together? When I finally got tired and made a complaint and asked to be left alone, we started getting all sort of silly complaints every day there is an issue. It became a habit to go to HOA association and complain, and hear sorry mam, won’t happen again. Today as an example, day 8 of 10 of our vacation I was threatened because my shirt (which I had used my whole stay when going to the beach) was too short and my 1 piece mama bathing suit (after 4 kids and at 40 I am not wearing little bikini pieces) was showing too much and was not decent. I was not approached discretely, it was yelled loudly! The rule is shirt and shoes on lobby. That is all. For the first 7 days it was ok. Today they felt appropriate to yell at me. I’ve never before paid close to $2000 for a 10 day stay to be harassed on a daily basis. Can’t get a refund now or I’d be out of here already.

    Awful. Don’t go!!Can you give it less than 1 star!?

    Reviewed by Debbie M() on Jun 26, 2019

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    There is no signage. Parking is $40 if you aren’t in the garage. Expensive if you are in garage. You don’t ck in in the lobby you walk a block to a clean air conditioned building then you walk back. Again no sinage. 3 elevators only 1 works. Inspection is yrs old. No air conditioning in the lobby or elevator. Floors mismarked. Non working air conditioner taped to the window with duct tape. Mold in the bathroom. No sheets, blankets, or pillows for bed. Non working phone. Seedy area. Panhandlers begging for money. Bags of trash outside. Lights hanging with exposed wires. Rude nasty staff especially the skinny girl at ck in. Cynthia was nice. Couldn’t use the pool. Supposedly someone defected in it & there was no one to clean it. They didn’t have the rooms we booked. We were told to cancel the reservation & it would be refunded. Hasn’t happened. false Fire alarms going off 3x a night. Staff said it happens all the time.If any type of inspiration was done on this hotel I would think it would fail. Awful just Awful!!!!

    Needs reconstructing

    Reviewed by Kdbona(Hollywood, Florida) on Jun 06, 2019

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    Not pleased. Went elsewhere as found it not clean in areas outdoors and the entire place is is desperate need of rebuilding or restoration. The beach area is beautiful and this is a very historic site and locale

    Very scary!

    Reviewed by MrsPlechMay2019() on May 20, 2019

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    My friend invited me to a weekend away at the Hollywood Beach Resort, a Mothers Day gift from her family. We are both single now widows and so looking forward to a fun weekend away. When we arrived we noticed the poor condition of this resort unlike the pictures. Our room was on the 4th floor, there are dorms there for a football team also on our floor. The young men seemed nice our room was a condo., room done over O'K. We decided the oldness of the building, the smell and the condition we would overlook! The first night I was awoken by screaming bloody murder voice of some kind of altercation in the room next to us.I really thought someone was either killing someone or fighting in a drunken stupor, this started at 3 AM & lasted an hour or more. I had buried myself under my covers and was scared like never before. My friend in the other bed had on her brething device did not hear this? I told her in the morning & she said the football players were probably partying and got out of control. Our stay became more of an awful night experience like nothing you can imagine.I would never recommend this place to anyone. It needs to be torn down. Our room became as cold as a meat locker at night, noises.screaming,furniture moving heard through the walls. The weird feeling of someone around me , even in the bathroom was terrifying. I had security on watch and coming by the room next to me and our room at 3 A.M. My friend took off her breathing machine on the third and last night to freak out by the moving of furniture sounds in nearby rooms, especially the one next to us. Screams and terrifying sounds.down the hallway too. We cut our stay short and left early morning. I have never believed in paranormal things and now I do! Like I said this hotel needs to come down!!

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