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    Reviewed by JayneX3227CX() on Nov 13, 2019

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    Our first meal we ordered a Cesar salad and soup, the lettuce was brown and the soup had no flavour. The next time we went to the restaurant there were 10 of us, Half got their meals, the other half waited for 7 to 10 minutes after the first meal was delivered. We went to the Thai restaurant today, 3 of us ordered wings but they only had enough wings for one order. They had a BBQ buffet the other day for 500 pesos and they ran out of ribs....really? They segregate the owners and the renters by towel colour at the pools so everyone knows who is an owner and who is a renter, not sure what the purpose of this is ....?? The management sit around in the restaurant in the late afternoon to be served their afternoon lunch and drinks which takes away from the service of other guests....shouldn’t they be eating their lunches in a staff room rather than taking away from the service of the guests?

    Viva Vivo!

    Reviewed by brucelunder() on Oct 06, 2019

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    New kitchen staff has greatly improved food! CocoThai grill is excellent with freshest of ingredients. Three pools give great choices of lounging/sunning. Totally open 17 miles of beachfront sand to walk and explore. Local Puerto Escondido and Chila village offer great colonial Mexico with the safest environment. You will find no barbed wire, door&window bars and no gfaffitti here.

    It's a shame, this place is paradise.

    Reviewed by AlejandraJohnson() on Jul 08, 2019

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    Last week we spent three days in this resort. The apartments are very nice, but food and beverages were horrible. This resort is far away from Town, more than 30min by car. The apartments are well equipied with a nice kitchen, but the convinience store has less than minimum to prepare a meal. The resort has two restaurants, the principal had a very bad service, we spent at least one hour to be served and when complaining, the answer was "we have a certification 'Distintivo H' in process and we can't do anything, take it or leave it". The next Day we went to the Tai Restaurant, they didn't have anything from the menu, and when served, fish was raw. The worst thing was in the pool bar, my daughter asked for a virgin piñacolada, and the waitress served a rum piña colada to a 11 year old. Just because my daughter said it tasted different we realized it had alcohol, when asked to prepare a new one the woman at the bar said they didn't have the ingredients to do another one, it was 3pm in the afternoon. There were no managers, no one to give us an explanation nor an apology. We do not recommend this place, it's a shame because the facsilities are great and the beach is spectacular.

    Please read this before you book ... false advertisement and disappointing service by unhelpful “managers”

    Reviewed by jea9dennis(Alexandria, Virginia) on Jun 30, 2019

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    I wish someone would have written a review like the one I’m about to write before I booked this place. I gave it two stars, the first one earned by clean rooms and pools and the second one earned by one staff member (Teresa) that was helpful and nice. Thank you Teresa for helping me with my last minute tour and actually showing compassion and customer service. Other than that this was terrible experience because of what was important to me. As soon as we arrived to the resort and finding out about disappointments I wanted out of my reservation after the first night and they didn’t let me out of it saying I would be charge for the 4 nights. I stayed unhappy the whole that I’ve checked out I read another review with the exact same situation and he stated on his that he was able to get out of his reservation but only after doing lots of arguing. That’s what I get for being nice and polite, got taken advantage of. The manager was not rude but not helpful I think he could have empathized better and actually make an exception to let me out of the reservation instead of saying that the “owners” were already depending on the money I paid (haha this is a bit don’t say that Mr. manager, next tine just keep that comment to yourself. This makes the guest obviously feel like they are not a priority) Lie #1-The resorts promotes that they are 15 mins from Puerto which is a complete lie. It takes you between 17-20 mins (I timed it) of driving on a windy dirt bumpy road to get from the resort to the main road and an additional 25mins or so to get to town. The resort is in the middle of nowhere. A taxi ride to town they will tell you is about $300 but even their taxis once they dropped me off they charged me $400 and $500 pesos to return to the resort. Lie #2-they advertised a shuttle to town at 10:30 (in their book in the room) the shuttle left at 10am and when I inquired about it I was informed that it was gone and they could call a taxi for me. I spoke to the manager Valderrama and showed him the information in the room and he just said that was outdated. When I said I wanted to pay the cab the same cost I would as a shuttle he simply said NO. No empathy or apology once or ever and flipped over a tiny sign on his desk with the shuttle hours and kept talking over me. Lie#3- there is no WiFi in the WiFi in the rooms I repeat. Only in public lobby and pool area. I inquired about moving to another room because there was no internet in mine. Jaziel in the front desk refused to move me and said that if I didn’t have internet in the room I wouldn’t have it in another room either. I said that i thought it was important to let people know before booking that they only offer internet in the lobby. Once again no apology nor empathy. Okay that for the lies, additional disappointments below: -CANT GET IN THE OCEAN because it’s open sea. If you go tot he beach (like I do) to get in the ocean and swim or float then this is a big turn off that is not disclosed prior to booking. -NO PHONES IN ROOM AND NO WIFI They give you a phone number to call or use WhatsApp if you need something. However once again there is no internet and i didn’t have phone reception so every tine if we needed something we had to walk downstairs. -LACK OF FOOD OPTIONS AND NOT GOOD EITHER. not like you want to spend $50 bucks to go off property to get food so you may be stuck with mediocre food. -NO ATM keep that in mind -FRONT DESK STAFF (Jaziel) NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE OF TOWN OFFERINGS asked for advise on things to do in town and restaurant options etc and he didn’t know a thing and didn’t even try. -LACKS CUSTOMER SERVICE all staff at the desk (except the two ladies, the bellman that assisted with my check out and a lady server, wish I would have gotten their names too. -SHUTTLE PICK UP lacks communication. We had to text to let them know to pick us up, we never received a text back and of course the shuttle never picked us up. Off went another $400 in taxi fees. I think you all get the picture. HORRIBLE experience for us and we will not be returning and hopefully you are now warned so you know what you’ll be booking. Just to toss it out there, I am the Director of the Front Office at an 1814 rooms resort in Dallas. I know the industry well and I also know that sometimes things will go wrong. However what matters the most is how we recover, empathizing and making it right for the guests which in this case there is a ton of training opportunities for this team. I hope that someone that cares reads this because experienced like this for a small family like mine taking a long expected trip for it to go this sour is just not okay.

    Nice but rough

    Reviewed by Barb E(Huatulco, Mexico) on Jun 25, 2019

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    Beautiful location, lacking in customer service. Elevator out and we were on the 4th floor, for a week-made things difficult. Daily services not to standard (e.g. ran out of toilet paper and had to fetch from office at midnight-dark and scary) and front office didn’t take care of the problem.