Beaches Ocho Rios - A Spa, Golf & Waterpark Resort

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    Dream Vacation - Beaches Ocho Rios

    Reviewed by Extraordinary714654() on Oct 22, 2019

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    The staff is amazing at this resort. We have been twice and have already booked our 3rd trip in October 2020. The entertainment staff really went out of their way to make sure all guests felt included. Alex, Monique, Rushan and Sha'mar are just a few of my family's favorites! The restaurants are so good. Davion made sure our service was top-notch when we dined at The Venetian. And, I can't fail to mention our wonderful experiences with all the water activities that are included. Our other friend, Alex, made sure we had a good time kayaking, paddle boarding and even took us out on the Hobie Boat. I could go on about the wonderful time we had at the resort. It was just so GREAT!!!

    Beaches Ocho Rios

    Reviewed by KrisUSAFVet(Glen Burnie, Maryland) on Oct 22, 2019

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    Having previously stayed at Sandals South Coast and Beaches Negril we thought we knew what to expect from a stay with this brand. Unfortunately, Beaches Ocho Rios did not live up to expectations. We arrived on site at 2pm. After many delays(sending us up and down the resort with promises our room would be ready soon) we were finally shown to our room at 5pm and our luggage did not arrive in room until 7pm. We had booked OFK, French Village Oceanfront One Bedroom Concierge Suite King. We were first placed in room 3205. This room should not be presented as OFK. It was small, musty, low ceilings, no ceiling fans, no rugs on the floors, phone did not work and the room seemed like it was used as a storage area. It had a stained pullout couch and a mattress on what looked like large coffee table, one very small bathroom and a small balcony with a view directly over a restaurant(Neptunes). To our left was the service stairs so we heard kitchen noises(dishes being cleaned and chatter) late into the night. We requested to be moved immediately. We were told we could be moved Tuesday(we arrived Sunday). We were credited $100 for the room delays by the front desk manager. We requested several times for the minibar to be stocked before it was. We asked about towel animals as we had received them at Beaches Negril. No one at the front desk or concierge seemed to really care about our concerns. I am not one to complain but we had brought my elderly mother along with us and even she was disappointed. It wasn't until we put the complaint on "The Loop" that everyone started bending over backwards for us. It was almost comical the change in attitude. We received 2 towel animals that night( the only ones of the whole trip) and were met by concierge agents wherever we went asking us how we were doing. The phone was never fixed in the original room. We receieved a third alarm clock, as the first two did not work. Having paid for one of the top level rooms we expected more. We walked by larger rooms/better apointed rooms in the main building than 3205. We were moved to 3306 after 2 nights. I had asked for a "reset" on the vacation, maybe a plate of cookies or chilled sparkling wine waiting in the new room but that did not happen.The trip was much better after the rough start as we were finally put in the room that was pictured on the booking site, getting what we actually paid for. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed diving and the whole dive team was great, especially Stacy Ann, Ryan and H-man. Our daughter loved the kids camp-thanks to Chantal and all the ladies there. The hostess at Bayside and the servers were great. We really enjoyed the food and staff at The Venetian. Our fav was La Parisienne, we ate there twice. My mother and daughter loved Josephine's Creperie. The water park was great! The grounds were beautiful and we enjoyed the strolling chickens. The entertainment Wednesday night was the best, magician, the Dynamite Brothers(jugglers) and the contortionist/fire breather. We are booked at Emerald Bay next year. This trip was the only time we have not rebooked on site. If this had been our first Beaches/Sandals trip I don't know if I would have retutrned to this brand after this stay. If I wasn't aware of The Loop and hadn't requesed to be moved we would have settled for a subpar room that we paid over $6,000 for. We also spoke with several other guests who had issues with rooms as well.

    Fantastic Vacation

    Reviewed by Habsgohabs(Toronto, Canada) on Oct 21, 2019

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    First time at Beaches Ocho Rios and we had one of the best vacations. We stayed at the Greek Beachfront room and the view was breathtaking. The accommodation was clean, spacious and comfortable. The staff at the resort were all wonderful and helpful. The beach was clean, water activity area was great and the staff were all so accommodating, especially Alex. The meals at the restaurants were delicious, love the jerk chicken and crepes...had them almost every day. We were most appreciative of not being bothered by vendors...absolutely no vendors on the beach (thank you!!) and the vendors on the resort were very respectful and did not approach guests unless the guests approached them. Overall, our family had a wonderful vacation and we will definitely return.

    Dont go

    Reviewed by Josh N() on Oct 21, 2019

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    For the amount of money you spend you expect to walk into the lobby and be taken back. The hotel is extremely out dated and no real "wow" factor. The resort doesn't allow tipping, and it shows. The staff is uninterested, rude, and normally greets requests with rolling their eyes or forgetting what you said. Instead of dropping what they are doing to get you something, they take their time, finish what can be worked on after you leave, and get to you when they get to you. I can pick out a handful of people who did an awesome job. Alex, who is one of the entertainers, did an awesome job every night, and really engaged in his audience. Natalie, was very knowledgeable about the excursions, and was very helpful getting us on our way. Courtney, was an awesome waiter, and always greeted you with a smile. I forget his name, he worked at the pool bar and his name started with an "O" but he was always quick to get you what you needed. Devon, the one life guard always had a smile and something nice to say to you. The food- The food in general was pretty awful and took forever to get. The place that everyone seemed to like was Neptune's. It is a pretty spot on a pier so the atmosphere make it a little better. The French place and Italian place are okay, but not go back for more good. The buffet is pretty mundane and is normally the same thing. Especially in the morning, it is ALWAYS the same. The crepe place, while good is very slow and don't expect them to open a second before the time posted. I leave the pizza place for last as it was the worst. If you actually got your food it was okay, but normally they forgot your food and were rude about it when you asked. I had the one girl repeat my order back to me after the 5th day of them forgetting, and she still forgot to put over half of my order in. Expect to be there at least an hour or more when eating there. Also what they don't tell you is the 4 places to eat they have, they close one every night, and only have 2 places to eat for lunch. The management all seemed like they were trying to catch you in a lie, or that you were always wrong. They don't put you first, and certainly don't have your interest at heart. Our room when we got there was disgusting, didn't seem cleaned at all, and had fresh paint on the walls to hide mold. The second room, while better, still was dirty, had a fan that sounded like it was about to shoot off, and an A/C unit that did not work. The staff- none of them, and I repeat none of them were on the same page. They would all tell you something different, especially the diving place. Other than the above named, they all seemed as though it was a burden for them to be there, or that your request was out of this world. There was no one on the beach getting drinks for people, and every bar other than the one pool bar took way too long to get a drink. They couldn't handle multi-tasking at all. My advice for those looking at this place would be to look on. For the money we spent I expected to be catered too, not looked at insulted as if it was ruining their day to do a simple task. Maybe if you could tip it would be different, but I am unsure of that. I would not go back, the best part of our stay was the weather that they had nothing to do with. I will say that the wedding we went for was awesome, and they really seemed to make their day special. Which should be the case, because their is a wedding it seems every ten minutes at that place. If you are already going there and don't have kids, get used to hearing Elmo, Big Bird, and screaming kids. If you have a kids, I would imagine they would have a good time. I will say that the location, other than the 2 hour bus ride from the airport, was centrally located around most excursions.

    Never been to Jamaica and had just an ok experience

    Reviewed by SweetP2004() on Oct 21, 2019

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    Floor was wet for my entire stay, we slipped and slided around the room the whole time. Drain was broken in the tub, told front desk someone came and just put the drain back in without fixing so we couldn't use the tub. Mini bar wasn't stocked until after we arrived. We were there for a wedding and the food at the reception was inedible, after waiting over 1 1/2 hours for dinner left most of it on the plate and had to get something else after to eat. The signage to get around the property was confusing had to ask for directions several times to get to some places. Other then the stuff for the kids there weren't alot of things for grown-ups to do but drink in the evening. The staff was very helpful and friendly answered all our questions quickly and efficiently. We paid alot of money for an ok experience the country atmosphere is the only reason it was ok.