Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

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    Beautiful resort

    Reviewed by littlebit0863(Baytown, Texas) on Nov 28, 2020

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    I had a great time at Coronado. We stayed in the Grand Destino Tower and it was so beautiful, especially with the holiday decorations. Smells amazing. I feel like people do need to know about the housekeeping/security checks. Disney is doing very little housekeeping right now. You have to call down for trash bags and bags for your dirty towels and to request clean towels and coffee or toiletries. 7 days and our beds were not made. I did request a broom because I spilled a pop tart and someone came and vacuumed real quick. They also do come by daily to check your room for safety. This has been the case for a few years. Just like anywhere some staff are super nice and some are kind of rude. My father in law asked someone where the smoking area is and they rolled their eyes and said I don’t know and walked away. But then at the same time the Rix staff was super nice and prepped a to go order for us when we didn’t plan thanksgiving dinner very well. (Left the park earlier than expected.) Before you go, know that quick service and their fancier restaurant, Toledo, are not open. Your choice is Three Bridges (join wait list on the app) or to go, grab n go from Rix Cafe (and they are closed 4 hours in the afternoon), or coffee/pastries in the morning from Barcelona. Siestas pool bar also has really good food.I got more than one meal from here but the kitchen closes at 7. I highly recommend ordering groceries to your room because the breakfast sandwiches aren’t great and get expensive quickly. The pool is so gorgeous and the hot tub is huge. We had so much fun here. Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the bus stop. The tower (stop 1) is the last morning stop for the bus, and lines get long. There are no corrals at the stops and line jumping is rampant. Give yourself AT LEAST an hour and a half before you want to go somewhere to be at the bus stop. For Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios closer to 2 hours prior to park opening if rope dropping is important to you. I think that covers everything. I’d highly recommend, even in covid.

    One and done.

    Reviewed by klynnw2(Vancouver, Canada) on Nov 25, 2020

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    My 9 year old and I are here now, and never again. We travel every 6-8 weeks (even during Covid). We have been to other Disney resorts, including Aulani, in Hawaii. This is the first time, Disney did almost everything wrong. At check in, I was handed a map, and nothing else. No list of activities (like at other Disney resorts), and no offer of Help with luggage. We were made to walk a large distance, without even a luggage cart. Almost all the restaurants were closed, except For two, which serves basically the same fast food that we were eating at the parks. No housekeeping, and like other reviews, housekeeping open our door without knocking. I complained to management, and he used Covid as an excuse... but I have been traveling to resorts all this summer, and this was definitely the worst. We paid Disney prices, and for a motel experience.

    Never again

    Reviewed by ChristopherC4034() on Nov 25, 2020

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    My family and I had a terrible experience at Coronado Springs. They did not take out our trash or refresh our towels for the entire 6-day stay. When I call to complain, I was met with indifference. Never again will I stay at Coronado Springs. I have had better service at a motel6


    Reviewed by foxymamaruth(Louisville, Kentucky) on Nov 24, 2020

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    This is my second stay at Coronado Springs Resort in the tower section. We were able to enter our room with our Magic Bands, which was very convenient. The room was clean and the bed was very comfortable. The view wasn't that great, but you're not in your room that much. The lobby and surrounding areas were exquisitely decorated for Christmas. It was just beautiful and was really festive. Every employee I encountered was friendly and nice.

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    One and done!

    Reviewed by angrbenni(Crawfordville, Florida) on Nov 16, 2020

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    I was upgraded from a Disney value resort to this resort. I was very excited because I had never stayed at this resort before and it was to just be a trip for me and my middle child so that he could get time alone with his mommy. It all started well enough. The man that helped me at the front desk was great! The room was clean. The shower was awesome. The grounds are nice but not as Disney themed as I wanted to show my 5 year old for our trip together. There was a long walk to all the good stuff (main pool, shops, food) from where we were placed to stay. Still, this wasn't the deal breaker for me. The start of my frustration began with scarce Magic Kingdom bus transportation. Bus after bus would pass at the hotel going to other parks. And then while leaving MK for the night, bus after bus would pass for other hotels but ours took nearly 40 minutes to arrive. After a long park day with a 5 yr old, it was a bit much. My frustration and need to never return to this hotel was solidified when a housekeeper opened my room door, without knocking, at 9AM on checkout morning. She didn't have her cleaning cart with her and checkout isn't until 11AM. Thank God I was right by the door and not in the shower, leaving my 5 yr old alone for a few minutes to do so. I badly wanted to visit the shop one last time to purchase disney hair and body wash products before leaving but this encounter made me feel uneasy and rushed AND annoyed so we just left. I hate that I didn't enjoy this resort as much as I really wanted to. But on to the next anyways.. 3 stars for cleanliness ONLY.