San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

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    Don't waste your dough

    Reviewed by A9314NPdalep() on Apr 09, 2021

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    Very beautiful hotel... lots of promises... rooms nicely appointed. However, service is poor at best. Loud music middle of the night,( 4am).. Clientele a LOT to be desired. They " refresh" the rooms but don't clean them. Actually they don't "refresh" the rooms until you really make it an issue.. Excess trash in the halls as they don't pick up in the rooms... Resort fee?? WHY?? .. The odor of Marijuana permeates the air... in front of children... security does nothing... Throngs of loud party people making all kinds of noise...NOT IDEAL... Expected more from a Marriott.. This place is a do not...Sadly I didn't heed the warnings of other reviewers

    Terrible... do not stay here!!

    Reviewed by 177yasmine(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Apr 08, 2021

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    I stayed here for a week and cannot believe this is a Marriott hotel. Terrible terrible experience. Stayed for 6 days, and had the room cleaned once. Was told this was because of COVID, but later was told it was due to short staffing. There was also trash in the hallways or laundry in the hallway. No coffee machine in room... also told due to COVID, but i attribute it to them being short staffed and not having the people to replace the pods. If you want to prevent crowds, give everyone their coffee machine in their room (part of the resort fee that is paid). Pool bar was closed. Hotel was so crowded. Lots of smell of pot everywhere on the hotel grounds. Endless lines to get anything from a cup of coffee to toilet paper from the front desk. I had to finish something from work so checked out their ‘business center’ and computers wouldn’t turn on. When I asked at the front desk, he said we have computers there but they don’t work ???????. Concierge desk was also not helpful. Beach towels were scarce. Front desk and security outside but no one could order us a cab. Was told to just wait till a cab shows up. Do not stay here!!


    Reviewed by sashaqueen88(Valparaiso, Indiana) on Apr 06, 2021

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    The resort is in a popular tourist area and there are many restaurants and shops within walking distance. The area feels safe and there is a hefty police presence. All of Puerto Rico has a strict mask ordnance and there is a curfew (currently midnight to 5am) so be prepared for establishments to close early to allow their employees to get home on time. The resort has multiple shortcomings some due to COVID restrictions, getting back into the routine of welcoming tourism and some feel as though it is convenient for them to no longer offer specific services. There is a resort fee but many of the amenities are not available such as no coffee maker or microwave in the room and no housekeeping service. Hunting for coffee at 6am is a challenge if want to enjoy on balcony first thing in morning. There is a Starbucks across street but didn’t open until 6:30am and was very crowded. There are no housekeeping services. I learned as the week went on to put towels outside the room that you want exchanged and they will leave them for you either in room or hanging in a bag on the door. You have to (repeatedly) ask for more than 2 towels. We had four people and even though we didn’t need them changed daily the process was annoying. Pull your own trash and put outside your room and they will bring fresh bags. I asked for a broom to address the sand but never received one, never received restocked toiletries, tissues or toilet paper and finally resorted to taking toilet paper off a cart in the hallway. I get COVID but the lack of housekeeping services for a week long stay was bothersome. They often run out of pool towels mid to late morning (we would save ours from the previous day and exchange as needed). They restrict the number of guests allowed in the pool area making for very agitated guests. The beach area is beautiful and the beach attendants hustle to help with chairs and umbrellas (they EARN their tips!). Beware the undercurrent and the rocks. Even strong swimmers will struggle. There are no warning signs for this danger and no lifeguards. There is a tiny red flag near the stairs entrance to the beach. The swim up pool bar is closed and the line at the one pool bar open (the beach one was closed) is always ridiculously long. They don’t allow outside drinks or food in the pool area but did not restrict our Yeti drink cups. They are serious about security and check wristbands continually. Mine broke midway through the week and I was stopped often. The line at the front desk is incredibly long all the time so replacing it was not a priority. I appreciated the security protocols and should have replaced my band right away to avoid the minor inconvenience of being stopped. While we were there the number of guests continually ‘twerking’, stopping every step for a glamour pose selfie, inappropriately dressed and loud partying was a major inconvenience. It was an incredible annoyance and takes away from the family aspect of the resort. We ignored and avoided but the hotel needed to address some of the behaviors especially when it was obvious it was hindering other guests. The biggest disappointment of our vacation was the continuous smell of marijuana. When visiting a location where it is legal you expect some and notice the occasional smell in the air. Unfortunately, at the resort it was continuous. It was not possible to enjoy the morning, afternoon or evening on the balcony or outdoor areas without getting hit in the face with the stench of pot. While I am sure that is not the role of their security to police for pot smokers I am sure that ‘pot smoking, party resort’ is not be the reputation Marriott wants for one of their resort locations. It truly did make for a disappointing experience on the property.

    Amazing stay

    Reviewed by luisgR5669DB(San Juan, Puerto Rico) on Apr 05, 2021

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    Karlin and cely from the front desk were amazing.i will definately be back . Keep up the good work. Loved the pool area. The beach was amazing. If you want to come and relax this is the perfect hotel for you.

    Family Beach Spring Break Trip

    Reviewed by 180brentf() on Apr 04, 2021

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    I normally don’t take the time to write reviews. In fact this is my first one. After I had already booked my trip to the Marriott Stellaris Casino Resort I read several very negative reviews about this Hotel. They were so negative I almost switched properties at the last minute. I can honestly say that we loved the hotel and we had a great vacation! Yes there were lines to deal with but almost all of that is covid related. There were lines at every restaurant and business outside the hotel as well. Is it a busy place? Yes it is. But we liked the energy and the social aspect of meeting other people and families. Are the streets outside the hotel busy and loud at night? I would say kind of. But we live in an urban setting and felt right at home. It was so nice to be to walk outside our hotel and explore other restaurants, coffee shops and other retail. Overall it wasn’t the nicest Marriott Ive stayed in but it had many great attributes. The Beach is fantastic, the pool area very nice. The food and beverage service at the pool was excellent! The casino fun! They close it down at 10:45. The bakery-coffee shop in the lobby was one of my favorites! Pastries tasted homemade and baked fresh daily! The fitness room was really nice and exceptionally clean. The rooms are not brand new but they are clean and practical. I highly recommend you request a beach view. I found the staff to be outstanding! So many nice people who are trying very hard to do things safely and still provide service. Covid -19 precautions make it tough. If you are looking for a quiet secluded resort this is not your place. If you are looking for a beautiful beach, with chairs and umbrellas waiting for you, a great pool, fun restaurants, a lively neighborhood with lots of places to walk to, then this resort is great! My family absolutely loved it!