Sirata Beach Resort

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Reviewed by KaraB1990(Park City, Utah) on Apr 09, 2021

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    Best server ever! Cynthia was really attentive and made sure we had a great experience dining while we watched the sunset! Food was fantastic, but the service even better! Such a lovely evening at Rum Runners!

    stay away during peak times

    Reviewed by G4895KDjillb(Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania) on Apr 09, 2021

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    This was a college graduation treat for a 22 and 24 yo. In short, couldnt check in until after 6pm - spotty service at bar- was not able to use the hot tub once as kids played in it the enitre 4 days - . Pools were packed - was told there were no chairs left at the beach (included in fee) and if we wanted a chair we would have to pay $40 for a cabanna. front desk never answered the phones. If you have a bunch of kids this might be the place for you. If you are adults travelling without kids stay away.

    Great staff at Harry’s and Compass Grill

    Reviewed by burtmj() on Apr 08, 2021

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    Eddie and Cynthia took great care of us each morning for breakfast. Everything was prompt and accommodating and they always took time to connect with us. After breakfast we rolled to Harry’s Pool side bar for the afternoon all seven days. Nate and Ryan learned our orders and faces quick. Instantly greeted with a “How’s it going” and refilling our consistent drink orders. All four of these people work their tails off, and never seemed stressed out. These four employees work hard to make this place a place we want to come back to. We loved the bar side entertainment each day. Thank you Eddie, Cynthia, Nate and Ryan for making our 8 days enjoyable! Cheers!

    A fine trip- (I’d give it a 3.5)

    Reviewed by CarrieR870(Schenectady, New York) on Apr 08, 2021

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    My husband and I definitely had the bar set super low before arriving due to the nature of all the horrible reviews we read. So, going into this, we braced for the worst. It is NOT the nightmare of horrors that a lot of people write about. It is, however, an old motel/hotel (resort is a stretch) with shotty upgrades and a less than ecstatic front desk team. I can only tell you about our experience: Arrived on a Saturday at 5. I was waited on right away. One gentleman sitting in lobby said he’d been waiting since 2. Another group was extremely agitated about their room not being ready and they were loud and vocal about it. It made for an uncomfortable check in, but I could understand why front desk folks appear beat up. Maybe we got lucky because of timing? Maybe because we booked direct with the hotel (no third party like Expedia)? Regardless, room was ready. We had King suite with balcony and inter coastal view. It was fine. Bedding was clean, bed was comfy. Yes- the bathtub has rust spots and yes- the shower head looked like it was about to fall off, but water worked and was warm. Our balcony was fine too- fit two of us to enjoy sunrises. You’re in the room for all of 8-9 hours, so who cares? No ants, no cockroaches....and we had snacks and declined housekeeping ($15 credit if you decline). People on here complained about not getting extra towels, but we literally saw one housekeeper on our floor every day who was a DELIGHT! (I don’t know her name, but it was room 1637)- she gave us anything we needed. We were able to get beach chairs every day that we went before noon. We also got two towels the first day and just kept them so I don’t know how hard it was to get towels otherwise. After noon, chairs “sell out” but we just found space at the pool and checked back every so often. It was FINE. The beach guys are so nice and you’re there to relax, so RELAX!!! Drinks at the bars are super good (spicy Bloody Mary!!) The food is meh...but edible. It’s beach bar/snack food. Nothing special, but fills you up when you need it to curb the booze. The last thing I will mention is that we definitely went during “spring break”...we are not prudes. We remember being young (we are 40) and we want the kids to have fun, just not on our floor. There were definitely kids running through halls, screaming at all hours of the night. While hotel cannot really control, I did see security on site 2 different times talking to younger people about their behavior, so they were trying.... Also- take advantage of the Adirondack chairs at sunset- so beautiful!!! Overall, we had a fine experience. It is not the Excellence in Playa Mujeres, it is not Club Med, but it was a completely acceptable hotel on a very busy (and beautiful) beach. One random recommendation- go to Johns Pass and rent a jet ski while you are here...You will literally ride with dolphins!

    Spring Break Family Trip

    Reviewed by copperpennygrillnc() on Apr 06, 2021

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    Alicia is great in the gift shop!! Always love to be on a vacation and a friendly and sincere person who is happy to see you, as a Florida native, people like Alicia make me miss my Florida, if y’all are in St. Pete stop by and say hi????