Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero

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    Reviewed by ebonya77(Wakefield, United Kingdom) on May 02, 2021

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    - Men renting young women in the hotel - renting them while they are here. This is extremely inappropriate behaviour - I.e standing on balcony completely nude overlooking the children’s water park, feeling in genital areas, feeding each other in a sexual manner in the restaurants. The staff were aware of this however didn’t put a stop to it. Poor from the staff as a young girl I felt very vulnerable and other families didn’t dare leave their children at the pool. - Lack of veggie options - one of our friends ate only rice and vegetables while he was here. In the 21st century you’d expect a lot more from the 5 star resort. - lack of understanding about allergies - I am coeliac meaning I have to eat gluten free. This wasn’t catered for very well. One night in the restaurant I was served breaded pork (clearly not gluten free) so we had to swap my meal meant I ate alone and later tan the rest of the party. - Restaurants closed - every night we were limited to one restaurant. We couldn’t chose a time / cuisine we wanted. We were allocated a restaurant and a specific time. This often didn’t suit our routine and was a real inconvenience. Usually an all inclusive has a main buffet where you show at any time and a la cartes at specific times however not this resort. - Japanese restaurant didn’t open at all - this was the restaurant we were looking forward to the most. - No communication with the restaurant - often the hotel didn’t make us aware of the restaurant / time we were going to. We had to walk around like headless chickens only to find restaurants in darkness. A simple phone call out of courtesy would be nice. - Maids took our face masks off the bedside table. While these are low value, we need these due to COVID-19 as they were mandatory in the hotel / Cuba. We had to borrow some off our friends who then locked theirs away in their safe. - Safe stopped working - this meant we had to leave high value items in the room. This left us feeling uncomfortable because if the maids would take a face mask from our room they’d be likely to take a higher value item. Luckily, we haven’t found any items missing however we were on edge. - Television stopped working - my partner wanted to watch football in the room as there is no sports bar in the hotel and the tv stopped working. We tried to call reception to sort this but the phone also stopped working. This problem was common across other guests. - Watersports shut - these were open in other hotels but not ours? - No entertainment at all - there was no rota of daytime activities (I.e volleyball, waterpolo, yoga etc) or evening activities (I.e shows, bingo, karaoke). The theatre was shut and no shows were performed. This made our evenings very very boring. We chose a large complex like this for the entertainment aspect. The animation team were in the hotel however instead of entertaining us they stood and chat amongst themselves. - Construction going on - whilst we were at the hotel, they closed off areas of the terrace for construction, there were leaks, joinery and plastering work. This was frustrating as we were trying to relax and all we could hear was drilling. The hotel was closed for 7 months yet chose their first week open to revamp? If we’d have known this, we wouldn’t have come as the drilling noise all day everyday was far from relaxing. - Lifts don’t work - 9/10 times the lifts didn’t work meaning we had to climb flights of stairs. When dinner was in the Panaranic restaurant (11th floor) this was particularly tiring and inconvenient. It is concerning this hotel is classed as suitable for guests with reduced mobility as it certainly wasn’t whilst we were there. - Limited excursions - the main reason we came to cuba was for the excursion to Havana. However we were made aware this couldn’t happen. Appreciate this is due to covid not TUI / the hotel, but it was disappointing nevertheless as that was the point of travel. - Poor weather so bad to stay indoors - again, out of the hotels control however entertainment was needed. Everyone was extremely bored and the hotel was so careless towards this and yet again the animation team just chat amongst themselves. - Told us to stay in rooms due to hurricane so missed breakfast and everyone else was notified - we stayed in the room as advised yet everyone else was notified that they could leave. We waited for food parcels to be sent up to us but by 11am, we decided to go have a look what was happening as we were starving and everyone was continuing as normal. - Rats all over the complex - we saw rats in the complex (outside the restaurant, on walls near the lifts). Please see image. - Paid extra for a sea view and all others were upgraded for free. Furthermore, we had to pay for wifi whilst other guests got this for free. Our WiFi bill was £110 - this is unfair as others had it free? - Lack of variety with food due to no restaurants being open. Meat, rice and veg repeated. This was ok for a few days but then got very boring - Slow service with drinks - the hotel was no where near capacity (only 42 guests in total however there are iver 800 rooms) yet we would be sat for nearly 30 mins before a waiter even came over, and we can’t go to the bar due to COVID. - Poor finish (I.e drawers in rooms don’t shut, all chipped, unable to open / close door and wardrobe doors). Room 20622 definitely needs a joiner to look at this. - Fridge is very loud. We ended up unplugging the fridge as it makes a loud noise every 15 mins which woke us up. The fridge also didn’t have any mini bar - we’d expect maybe water, canned drinks etc. - Building wobbles. All 4 of our party felt a vertigo sensation frequently. Other guests also mentioned this. - No lighting outside - nowhere is lit up making it difficult to walk around. You’d expect paths as a minimum to be lit up but it is totally in darkness making this a health and safety hazard. On multiple occasions we tripped. - Smoking indoors / in the pool - as a non smoker, this made us feel very uncomfortable. I’d maybe expect designated smoking areas. - System down in reception for wifi - went to reception 4 times to purchase wifi and was unable to do so. We kept getting told to go back in 30 mins so we did but no luck. - Stopped serving the entire hotel alcohol - one guest was being out of order / drunk however this shouldn’t affect us as we had paid for this service. Instead of the culprit suffering we all suffered. - Dirty pool - pool was full of mud, dead flies and leaves. - Member of staff asked us for condoms. This seems very innappropriate to guests paying for a 5 star service. - Club house was meant to be open 9-5 however this wasn’t the case as they opened whenever they felt like it. Often having dirty towels until the afternoon and couldn’t hire the equipment (I.e ping pong bats) - One waitress (didn’t catch her name - one in black) in the lobby bar gave us dirty looks / looked us up and down and made us feel uncomfortable. This also happened so another guest. - Reception happily let us exchange money but wouldn’t accept the cash when paying them. Seems it only suits when the hotel is making money. Don’t really understand this rule as when paying by card 3 different women touched it (so unsure if covid is the reason) - Staff kept being pushy to exchange money with us for better rates than the hotel. They were also pushy to sell cigars claiming they were better price than the hotel. - Room was damp and damaged our belongings as they came out full of mould. This also happened to other guests in the hotel. The reception made a poxy excuse for this rather than accepting responsibility. We have had to throw away my partners Ralph Lauren wallet as it can’t be fixed. Image attached. The majority of staff are lovely and chatty but his didn’t make up for the above issues. Certainly not a 5 star resort so I’d avoid if this is what you’re wanting.

    The best hotel yet

    Reviewed by luckeelu(Toronto, Canada) on Jan 31, 2021

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    I have been to cuba many times over the last few years. I have always stayed in smaller hotels near town. This time I stayed here because I was coming to quarentene before going to santa clara to get married. Well didn't make it there due to the growing cases of covid. As sad as that was I loved staying at this hotel. The grounds are clean. The staff is incredible. Everyone was in full mask and shield. My room was amazing. The food I cant even explain how delicious everything was. I'm a food nut and other hotels don't even come close to this hotel. It is spanish owned not cuban. As much as I love cuba sometimes the food at cuban hotels is not the greatest. I have decided to return here when times are better and I will get married here as well. I highly recommend this hotel for solo or family. I give them a 10!

    Very good hotel and services

    Reviewed by Justen0997() on Jan 29, 2021

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    The room was realy modern and very good service even with covid they try and have entertainement everybody that works here try to help you. They have 24h snack bar and also a la carte restaurant upstair with different meals everyday .

    Good Vacation

    Reviewed by Talylan() on Jan 27, 2021

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    The staff are awesome! The resort is very clean and the beach is great. Would recommend Iberostar Bella Vista to anyone wanting to experience Cuba! The food are amazing on panoramic restaurant.thanks iberostar

    Got Married

    Reviewed by jasenl2021() on Jan 25, 2021

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    We just got back from this resort. Had a great time, got married on the beach. Eduardo was our coordinator and our Wedding was excellent went off without a hitch. The food and the staff were all excellent. The rooms were huge, and very clean and well taken care of. Will definitely go back. Now just a heads up. There was only 39 guests had the hotel because of the covid situation in the world. It was good because the pools were always empty. The main bar closes at 11, so you had to use snack bar after 11. Only 1 restaurant open, a la Carte options. Food was fresh hot and very good. There is some construction going on at the moment. So some noise thru out the day. We plan on going back once the pandemic is over. It was a great get away for a week.