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Meet Juliet, WestJet’s digital travel assistant


Introducing Juliet

Juliet is the newest member of our team and our first artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

You can ask her a question via WestJet’s Facebook messenger—just as you would a person on the phone or via social media—and you’ll receive an immediate response. And of course, Juliet is bilingual.

Like all WestJetters, Juliet is focused on providing excellent guest service by enabling you to efficiently manage many aspects of your trip, including destination inspiration and discovery, flight booking, and day-of-travel information. Think of her as your personal digital travel assistant.

Find Juliet on Messenger

How Juliet can help

Day-of travel support

Access real-time information on flight status, baggage and a variety of FAQs.

Day of Travel

Information and resolution

Receive instantaneous information and quick resolution on many topics, ranging from inflight entertainment to travelling with pets.

Day of Travel

Virtual travel concierge

Use the trip generator to recommend destinations based on personality, interests, and vacation style.

Day of Travel

Flight booking

Search flights by city and by date and explore all available options within a single interface.

Day of Travel

Current deals and promotions

Ask Juliet to provide real-time WestJet deals and promotions.

Day of Travel

While Juliet can do a lot, she’s still new and doesn't know everything…yet.

Juliet uses reinforcement learning to learn the way humans do, with a combination of instruction, examples, and experience, leading to better responses over time.

Of course, Juliet will need a little help along the way, which is why our 24/7 Social Care team is on hand to pick up the conversation if needed. If you’re ready to meet Juliet, visit WestJet on Messenger and click “Get Started”.

Juliet works through Facebook Messenger. Simply log-on to your Facebook account and go to WestJet’s Facebook page. Choose "Send Message", and Juliet will launch. Type in your question to start a conversation with her.

Chat with Juliet now

Juliet uses reinforcement learning allowing her to learn the way humans do, with a combination of instruction, examples, and experience, leading to better responses over time.

If you ever get stuck and need to talk to one of our human team members, please type “Customer assistance” into the message box and you will be connected to someone from Social Care.

Please choose from the suggestion option buttons below Juliet’s responses whenever possible, or use short and simple questions like "How many bags can I bring?"

Whether Juliet could or couldn’t assist you, let us know. Your feedback helps us improve Juliet’s knowledge base, leading to better responses.

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