Seralago Hotel and Suites Main Gate East

2.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 2 and 3 stars. 2 star - Budget accommodation with limited facilities and services. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Peeping tom security, mold and horrible management

    Reviewed by 956nikm() on Dec 10, 2019

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    Checked into hotel on 12-4-19. Was told by night shift that i could park my 26ft u-haul and vehicle transport anywhere by my room. So ofcourse i parked right in front of room because my uhaul and truck had all my family belongings. At 745 a.m. the rude management called my room very disrespectful to my wife. My wife advised them we would move the truck and 5 min later security knocked on my door and asked us to move the truck. So i moved it. 30 min later my 11yr old daughter walks out of the bathroom and locked eyes with the security guard using his hand like binoculars to the room window. I went and made my complaint with management and was told it will be handled properly. Also had to switch rooms do to mold in bathroom. Next day the hotels sends a text message asking about my stay. I replied night shift is great but you have a peeping tom security gaurd and mold in room. The only reason to stay at hotel was they had separated space for children and parents. Was gonna stay additional 4 days and went to pay. Which was purchased on priceline. The GM was very disrespectful and when i advised her of the way the establishment was. She informed me to call the sheriff's about there security. When i did she had me tresspassed from the establishment. After she took a total of $250 30 min earlier. Worst experience ever

    It was good for the price

    Reviewed by jDENNARD3() on Dec 10, 2019

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    It was excellent and great room services. I like all the amenities and the buffet breakfast it was great. Please try it out for yourself and discounts to different amusement parks and free shuttle service to theme and amusement parks.

    Just ok

    Reviewed by sharris719(Hyattsville, Maryland) on Dec 09, 2019

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    Room was ok at best for a night. Bed do not have fitted bed sheets and mold was on the wall behind the front door to the room. Again doable for one night but not an extended stay. Out dated rooms, very few electical outlets, plus lamps cords had a short light cut off a few times.

    Empty promises

    Reviewed by hedgingedge2019() on Dec 09, 2019

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    We were given a ground floor room below expectations. Management promised that we would get one night free as compensation. In the morning this promise was not honored. This put a real damper on our experience.

    Seriously? Motel HELL

    Reviewed by Anita H(Saint Augustine, Florida) on Dec 09, 2019

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    Booked Why you my ask ? Let me tell you. Postive.. none Cons: Pull up a chair.. it's a long one. 1st I booked a room .. in special notes to motel.. need a handicapped room traveling with a pet. Than called motel (yes I'm aware they call themselves a resort hotel but you will understand after you read).. Traveling with a person in a wheelchair needed a rolling shower. Traveling with a dog. Had no issues paying a fee. Arrived at the wonderful place (not).. long line. Got grief from assistant manager for wanting a handicapped room and having a dog. Was already aware of $10 day pet fee.. 1st room tub in room and room had a order about it. Ask for another room. Was giving more grief about it. Would be charge extra 10 for roll away bed. Nope.. don't want it. We will make sure with one bed. 2nd room.. wow.. it had rolling in shower plus..damages... Looks like someone punch the wall behind the door. Carpet is old and dark. Went to front desk.. they had no problem let's us stay there.. we will fix it after you leave. Are you telling that housekeeping didn't see it ?? Are the blind ? Took the room.. was tired. Needed to be up by 4am. Was waking up by 30 teenagers running and shouting in front of my door. One of the neighbors got up and hell at them to shut up ..people was sleeping.. took 2 hours. Hotel Security is a joke. 3am was woking up by people screaming and yelling. 5am again with people yelling.. yup you guess it.. I miss my 4am event ??. Decided to take mom and dog out for a few hours. Mom was eating chocolate on the bed. Drop a piece on it. No big deal ? Right ? Little bleach. Only thing housekeeping had to is make bed and leave clean towels.. Got back around 430.. banging on door by hotel Security.. needed to go up front. Wouldn't explain why... 1st of all my dog is better trained than most service dogs. They accused us of damaging their property and was kicking me out .. was told never to return again. And they were charging an extra $250. For damages we didn't do. They refuse to refund my 2 nights and resort fees. So they want to keep 500 for a 1 star flea trap. On top of all my credit card was stolen.. could find another place to stay drove back 3 hours pissed off on how we were treated. Cleaning nonexistent... Want charge $250 for bed sheets that can be wash. Photos on their site about rooms is a lie. Rooms are from 70s with tacky furniture and rugs. This place is NOT A RESORT. It's a thrown together cheap 1 star motel. Do yourself a favor.. don't stay here. Some rooms near me had bugs in them. Stains on floors, walls, bedding, bathroom. And when you make a complaint..on a over book motel they kick you out. Trying to make you pay for someone else damges. Don't be fooled like I did. This is motel hell. Needs to be torn down.