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    Wonderful resort with amazing staff

    Reviewed by CharlotteC263() on Nov 21, 2019

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    My husband and I stayed here 30th October to 13th November and were pleasantly surprised. This is quite a long review as I wanted to be thorough. The hotel is more of a resort-a few buildings (three storeys high) with rooms, then several restaurants, bars and three pools, all leading onto a beautiful beach. We loved that it never felt busy or crowded, even on a weekend (they do sell rooms cheap to locals to fill it up, so it does get a bit busier but not bad at all-apart from the buffet which got manic). We were able to get loungers every day at our preferred pool (the one with the volleyball net), even after we had been for lunch we could come back and find space (without ‘reserving’ sun beds, which some selfish people did). Don’t use the hotel shops-ridiculously expensive, make sure you bring all you need. Speaking of which-bring single dollar bills for tips as it can be hard to change larger ones, and the staff are so good you will want to tip. With the restaurants we mainly ate at the buffet. Breakfast was ok, lots of options, omelette station was good (though sometimes a long wait due to other guests-one was ordering NINE fried eggs!). Lunch was lovely, fresh fish, pasta, pizza and your usual buffet options. Plenty to eat, always had too much. Similarly with dinner, but even more options and a theme each evening. Many stations where food is cooked fresh for you, honestly couldn’t fault it at all. With regards to the buffet, every morning and lunch time Francisca would reserve us a table and wait on us like royalty-as soon as a glass was empty at lunch, there she would be with a replacement. She’s a lovely lady and we enjoyed getting to know her, and sharing her joy about her son’s 10th birthday. She’s brilliant. We did visit two a la carte restaurants-the Chinese (Shanghai) and the Brazilian (Rodizzio). You need to make reservations before, but this isn’t hard. The Chinese was good but the Brazilian was awesome, such good food, such good quality and such good service. In the two weeks we were there we would have gone more than twice but I don’t think I could take that much food!! Didn’t really use the snack bar at El Pescador (not into the snack foods as it was all fast food style) but we did go to the creperie a few times-their frozen caramel mochas and chocolate truffles were to die for! Absolutely incredible. The hotel is built on a mangrove. This does result in a LOT of mosquitos, but the hotel does all it can to fight this (including room fumigation, which you’ll receive notice of). Interestingly I am normally a HUGE target for mozzies, but for once my husband was their meal of choice, much to my relief. We took spray, bands, patches and all sorts-I fared not too badly, he didn’t do well the first week but the second week wasn’t so bad. The worst place for them is the lobby, particularly in the evenings but this was great as it prevented us spending too much time on our phones using the WiFi as wanted to get away from them. Being built on a mangrove has its plus sides-we walked to the lobby after breakfast each day to use the WiFi (only place you get it for free) and one of my favourite parts of the holiday was feeding the birds each day. West Indian whistling ducks, Muscovy ducks, peacocks, flamingoes, moorhens, coots, herons, egrets, so many more, even the turtles, mongoose and iguanas were happy to be fed a little. A lovely little stroll to work off your breakfast greed! Even the three geese who hang around the lobby are great, very noisy but very interested in people. A lot of the birds will eat bread from your hand (provided in feeding stations) which is so much fun! As mentioned, we mainly spent our days at the pool with the volleyball net, the nearest bar being Matini. We mainly were served by Oscar who is absolutely wonderful! His friendliness, his dancing, his service-he was brilliant! Our other main bar, generally in the evening was Matica by El Pescador restaurant. Most evenings we were served by Esteban and Ronal-what a team. They ensured perfect service of an evening-making sure we had glasses (not plastic) and that they were constantly topped up. Always singing and dancing, working perfectly as a duo, they were great. They always met us with a friendly hand shake and asked how we were-these two are a an asset to the hotel, the best. They had the ability to make a relaxed few drinks into an evening of entertainment. I have to add I was sad for our last couple of evenings that Esteban was moved to the bar in the buffet-he is worth more than that and deserves to be face to face with customers rather than just pouring drinks for the wait staff, it’s a waste to put him in the restaurant. Our room 2226 was much bigger than anticipated, split into a sleeping area with a living area down a couple of steps. More than enough space for us and included a fridge with soft drinks and beer-very nice to have a good supply of bottled water. It also had a coffee maker, iron and ironing board and a tv with a few English language channels. The bathroom was... acceptable. Very dated, a bit leaky, minimal water pressure and the hot water was hit and miss, but no big issues. Paying for the safe is annoying (why do we have to pay? It doesn’t cost the hotel anything), but we did pay as like to feel our belongings are totally safe. I do really disagree with charging for something so basic though, this should change. The time share company (Royal Holidays I think?) are a disappointment and let the hotel down. WHY the hotel let them operate on the premises I do not know. They lurk outside the main restaurant and have a big office near the path to the lobby and will hassle you EVERY TIME you go past. If the hotel has sense, they will get rid. We didn’t waste our time with them but they ARE pushy, and you feel rude keep telling them you’re not interested. Similarly the souvenir sellers they allow in on Wednesdays, though nowhere near as bad. People are on holiday-we don’t want to be harassed, and we don’t want timeshare (this isn’t the 1980s). Moving on... we had a go at mini golf, and loved that this was free. The course needs a little TLC but it was good enough and passed some time! There’s also tennis and various water activities but we didn’t try these. There was a foam party in the main pool on Halloween-not our usual cup of tea (being in our 30s/40s) but so much fun!! Apparently this is a weekly thing and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go! So many activities on offer but we didn’t do much as just needed to relax for two weeks. Not so much the hotel, but I know the UK guests book with TUI so worth a mention-We booked one trip with TUI-Santo Domingo ‘exclusive’ tour-don’t bother. It’s a big group, it’s boring, you see a TINY part of the city and if you DARE to ask to leave the group (we did, we were bored, we wanted to enjoy the place and get away from the 30 strangers we were with) you will be treated like you’ve murdered the guide’s (Kevin) family. A long day, a lovely city, but ruined by TUI. Try to book with a different company if possible. Or if not, book the cheaper TUI one as I can’t see it would be much worse. We did parasailing through a guy on the beach, having seen many many people do it during our two weeks we did it on the last day. What an experience! It feels like you’re flying and you get the most incredible views. It was a perfect end to our holiday. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone to finish off a wonderful trip. The only other slight negative I can think, isn’t the hotel’s fault-but the Russian guests are difficult. There’s a lot of them and they tended to be very rude-pushing into queues, being overly loud, rowdy and drunk at dinner (literally as early as 7pm-we saw a manager frown at them, but do nothing to quiet them down despite many many guests being uncomfortable), and also chasing the wildlife around-grown adults, at 10am chasing ducks and birds and finding it hilarious, despite the birds being genuinely fearful. Other people wanted to feed them and enjoy them being there, but impossible when they’re being chased. The hotel is built in nature and serves many nationalities of people-the guests should respect all creatures and people there. I’ve seen a few reviews mentioning the language barrier-it’s not that bad at all. Most staff speak some English, you can order drinks etc even if you don’t speak Spanish. But they really do love and appreciate when you give Spanish a go-I tried my best and even learned some new words through trying to speak their language. At the end of the day, you’re in a foreign country-it’s just respectful to know a few Spanish phrases! In summary, I would go back in a heartbeat. The negatives are so few and so minor, but the positives are many and great. Please send our love once more to our favourite friends-Esteban, Ronal, Francisca and Oscar. The staff are such an important part of making a holiday amazing, and these four went above and beyond. We miss you all. Charlotte & Nick

    Beautiful place- some minor things need changing

    Reviewed by 102lucieb() on Nov 21, 2019

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    We stayed in this hotel the first two weeks of November. We found it very picturesque and absolutely loved all of the wildlife (especially the turtles) Our room was always cleaned and drinks always refreshed- one pointer is that we didn’t always need the room cleaning but had to in order to get a refill of water! Staff were nice enough, some more than others. You would sometimes smile at staff which was not requited- this did feel a little weird. The beach was gorgeous, however the first time we went to the beach we were approached by a man with a monkey who didn’t even ask to let the monkey climb on us- he took photos on my partners phone (49!) and after taking photos he came out with ‘$20 per photo’, I explained we had no money on us and the man was very pushy saying my partner should go up to the room and get the money..I didn’t find this very nice and it made me feel really cornered. We deleted the photos and sent the man on his way. We didn’t spend anymore time on the beach during the day because there was so many people cornering you whilst you were trying to relax! We spent a lot of the time by the pool which was really nice, there are a lot of signs though saying not to reserve beds but this isn’t enforced whatsoever! You can’t get a bed unless you get there before 10am... I found the buffet restaurant very nice with plenty of options, it was nice that there was a theme but they also had staple foods just in case it wasn’t to your taste. We tried 3 a la carte restaurants: Italian- lovely, Chinese & Mexican - disappointed. The service at the a la carte was second to none and the staff couldn’t do enough for you- the trouble was the quality of the chicken (very gristly, poor quality and tasteless) this is NOT the fault of the staff, I believe it’s more to do with the source of produce- it did make us very unwell for the rest of the holiday and we are only just recovering (almost two weeks later). We enjoyed being in the lobby, you were always looked after and the staff were very nice- the WiFi thing didn’t bother us as it was nice to detox and we knew we could always walk for 10 minutes to the lobby to reconnect! The area was clean and there was plenty of area to sit. We had some issues with our Tui rep saying they would be there and never showing up, and generally not being helpful whatsoever. We booked an excursion through ‘George of the Jungle’ which was fantastic, George even out a good word in so we got more for our money- couldn’t have met a nicer guy !!! Thursday is a Dominican themed night, the food was good but the issues was that there was a Dominican market outside the restaurant and the only way to get to the food was to walk straight through the centre- I understand people are trying to make a living but you are targeted and people will block your path and guilt trip you into buying things- I would be happy to browse and ask questions but I hate the ‘in your face’ approach to selling..they will try and force you to buy things and you can’t avoid it- thankfully I stood my ground but we had to physically walk away for them to give it a rest- we had to find an alternative route back to our room to avoid it! The entertainment was fantastic- although sometimes after a long day 9:30 does seem a little late! We watched stars night which was absolutely phenomenal!!! The room was perfectly facilitated and a comfortable temperature, we had no issues with cleanliness and we got a king size bed without even having to ask. Overall it is a lovely hotel, the area is lovely, but a few things need changing.

    Dissapointed about the service

    Reviewed by Cristi_cristian() on Nov 19, 2019

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    I've been there this mounth in November, everything was great starting with the location, food, athmosphere just one think we didn't like and that is the service. They don't care about the customers, just wanna finish and go asap. Is a nice place just the service is not the good one. I will come back but for sure not in that resort

    Good resort

    Reviewed by leaffan1962() on Nov 18, 2019

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    Just wanted to post some thoughts on our recent trip / vacation to this resort. Food / Buffet: Food was good and always plentiful. Dude at the egg station was the best / fastest I’ve seen in all my trips to the Caribbean. Al a Carte’s: We went to the Brazilian, Chinese and Italian restaurants. All 3 were very good. Book all 3!! Rooms: We stayed in building 29 ( vip building) they are a little dated and the plumbing fixtures are old. It was a 3 star quality and air conditioning unit for this building is probably in need of repair as we moved rooms 3 times and temperatures in most of the rooms never moved past 24-26 degrees. Our Friends stayed in building 28 and it was much more modern and A/C worked flawlessly. VIP rooms get filled with pop, water and beer daily and non-vip rooms only get pop and water. If you want the VIP upgrade, pay for it through your travel agent as it is $50 US a night when purchasing at resort. Bartenders and Staff: all these people treated our group of 8 very well and were very accommodating. Especially Gerardo the Bell hop! Entertainment team is very active and do an excellent job especially the Foam Party on Friday’s! Awesome time! Lobby and Check in: Staff are really accommodating and work to help you as much as possible especially if you’ve upgraded to VIP. Check in and check out are pretty quick and easy. Also, you can purchase a mini-router to have access to wifi throughout the resort. It’s a $100 US deposit and $5 US a day to use. You get your $100 back when you return the router. Well worth it. VIP’s are entitled to top shelf booze and beer. Budweiser, Disarono and name brands that the regular bracelets are unable to.

    UPDATE Returned in October 2019 after being there in January.

    Reviewed by Passenger818025() on Nov 17, 2019

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    Wow much hotter this time of year. Had bug bites for the first time ever while down south. No one else in our group of 4 had this issue. Lots of families this time of year, made me realize this hotel is great for young families. The beach here is deep with white sand, a beach bar on both sides of the resort & a snack bar right on the beach on 1 side. The waves are great, lots of fun. 3 pools to choose from, 1 has a swim up bar. The main pool has a shallow side pool & a jetted pool (not hot) to the side. Foam party on Friday afternoons. Purchased upgrade each time, VIP is well worth the $. Premium liquor, Budwiser beer, larger room, 2 massages & extra a la carte dinner. The rooms are tired, but everything worked, when a door lock on my sisters stopped working they came right away & solved the problem, dead battery. Should you be lucky enough to get Maria for your maid, she will make you feel so welcomed. Bring lots of small bills, really hard to get larger bills broken down here. The tips are very appreciated, I got my biggest smiles from the omlette guy each day, only tipped him twice. The grounds are beautiful, lots of staff around. Not 5 star, but not priced as that.