The Westin Maui Resort & Spa

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    Not The Same

    Reviewed by ESMomNY(New York City, New York) on Jul 15, 2019

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    My family and I stayed at this resort 5 years ago and had such a great experience that we decided to return. For starters, there is construction going on which was a nuisance whenever walking by the pool and when sitting on the side facing balcony. The biggest disappointment and the whole reason for my 3 stars is the forced upon valet parking fee aside from the resort fee. With the current construction the full resort fee is questionable nonetheless, the unannounced mandatory valet fee is just absurd. The hotel should reduce the valet fee as hotel guests are left with no other options due to the renovations. Notifying guests upon booking of the impending parking fee is the right way to go about. Housekeeping and shops were hospitable and serviceable. No complaints with the speedy service of the valet drivers or their warm welcome each and every drive up.

    It’s Maui...the hotel was awesome

    Reviewed by dougc946(Prosper, Texas) on Jul 14, 2019

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    - front desk staff was awesome, helpful and polite - Maui Gold Mike - great pineapple tasting everyday - elevators were quick and easy access - housekeeping very attentive and did a great job - yes there is construction, never heard it - breakfast buffet - awesome - valet service - quick and helpful with recommendations - whalers village and restaurants next door - beach access and service - easy and nice - bar staff outside are professionals and good TVs to watch sports - take advantage of happy hour The Front Desk Manager, Ava, was great to work with as well as Caroline when checking in after a long flight. Thanks Westin staff for a great and memorable vacation

    Westin...tired and staff is not trained well

    Reviewed by MrsZ65() on Jul 14, 2019

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    We have traveled to the Westin Kaanapali Beach for 10 consecutive years for a family vacation. Occasionally we have visited twice in a year. We knew the Westin was under some exterior renovations and that things would be different but were astounded at the deferred maintenance of the areas where construction is NOT taking place. For example, our room which was a suit configuration. There were no latches on the doors between rooms. With kids on the trip, it was a constant battle to maintain privacy for ourselves. The refrigerator in the room was not keeping the temperature. It took two days to get a resolution and that resolution was a separate refrigerator on the countertop rather than in the space where the refrigerator normally is placed. The replacement refrigerator was super small compared to the original and it just felt like a pacifier rather than taking the time to fix what was broken. The shower had a programmable automation. The screen was broken which made it unreadable. The programs were set and the first through third only operated the shower for 45 seconds. The fourth allowed the shower and ancillary sprayers to work for longer, but the temperature was set at 103 degrees with no way to adjust it lower. When engineering came to show is how to change the programming, he knew nothing about the shower system and couldn’t help. The following day, engineering switched the knob we we could adjust the temperature but still couldn’t set the shower and ancillary sprayers to operate individually. Having a shower like that is only a luxury of it works properly. There are no magnifying mirrors in the bathrooms and when I requested one we were given a small short mirror with no light capability. A magnifying mirror is essential for almost anyone over 40 so this issue baffles me. They don’t cost much and ahoukd be standard I. At least the suites. A large portion of the pool area was closed for our visit. The remaining pools, with the exception of the adults only pool, have sharp tiles and rough edges throughout. The umbrellas are falling apart and many of the chairs are in rough condition. The Fourth of July event was a great ode but poorly executed. There were clearly many people on the property who were not staying there. This made chairs at the pool a commodity. The pool staff was policing chairs and confiscating personal items after one hours of no occupancy. It was a very hot day and being in and around the pool was essential. To have to occupy the chair for some time out of every hour was an excessive responsibility. Who wants to place your personal belongings in a lawn someplace while you enjoy the pool? Having a chair with our towels and belongings is the level of service expected at a hotel of this caliber on the beach. Expecting paying room guests to modify behavior so that hundreds of people who weren’t staying in the hotel could be comfortable was out of line. A private pool party for the guests would have been more appropriate. In addition, there was a flower drop. The MC states that the flowers would fall from a helicopter right in front of the stage. The helicopter dropped the majority of the flowers on the beach or at the restaurant next door. Sadly, there were a lot of disappointed people standing at the stage. There were multiple live bands...some were good and others were ok at best. For an event like this, guests should have the privilege of good performers or they’d prefer no performers. The chairs that we had to occupy for some part of every hour were right near the stage. There was no where to go to get away from the flat voices and corny jokes. Ultimately, it would have been nice to have some sort of fireworks display rather than trying to get into Lahaina and get back to the hotel in horrendous traffic after the fireworks (although the fireworks were spectacular in Lahaina). The restaurant with the breakfast buffet is also impacted by construction. The area where the buffet is set up has approximately 20 tables but is closed the majority of the mornings. We had to wait for a table for up to 30 minutes because management elected not to staff for the entire area. Instead they elected to seat people in an upper balcony on the ocean side where there is no movement of air and not ventilation to speak of. A broken ceiling fan made the stifling heat up there even more unbearable. Management should have considered guests comfort and used the tables on the pool side to avoid making people sit in the balcony level. Once we were served breakfast on a number of days, there were a number of female servers who had attitude about having to serve breakfast. Ordering off the menu was clearly an inconvenience for the servers and took much longer than is expected. One morning they told my daughter, who arrived before we did, that she couldn’t have a menu because she didn’t “have a voucher”. It was just a regular morning and not a weekend so it was clear that someone didn’t want to get items from the menu. Getting refill drinks or even water was a struggle almost every single morning, although the male servers were better about it than the female servers. In years past, the restaurant had numerous people serving drinks but this year the entire responsibility was with the server. It was frustrating and had it not been convenient to have a quick breakfast there before hitting the pool/beach, we would not have returned after the third day of our 11 days on Maui. We had an issue with the jet ski company not being able to honor our scheduled time due to high surf and the need to drive passengers to another location to take a boat to the dock, and the concierge refused to help us get a refund or reschedule. Once they had our money, they didn’t want to help anymore. We could not get a hold of anyone at the jet ski company either so we had to stand in the check in line and wait for a manager to help us with the issues. We missed the birds, especially Bob, and the ponds and the flamingos which are no where on the property as of now. The ac in the hallways was off for the entire time we were in the hotel. The ac in the rooms is regulated at 68 degrees which was fine most of the time but offensive when we wanted it cooler after a long hot day at the beach. The valet has cars stopped in both lanes to unload bags and often the wait to move a vehicle can be 5 minutes or more. This seems like such a simple fix...unload in one lane only and have enough people on the drive to make it fast and efficient. Use the outside lane for people leaving the property so no one has to wait for anyone else. Twice we called down for the car ahead of time only to discover that the receptionist at valet had been “too busy” to facilitate the request. Needless to say, we likely won’t return to the Westin Kaanapali Beach. We can stay just about anywhere for what we spent st the Westin (including all room charges and activities our final bill was over $17k-for two rooms)

    An amazing stay at the Maui Westin Resort!

    Reviewed by JJCrock19() on Jul 14, 2019

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    I generally don’t take the time to write reviews of the places our family stays because I’ve always felt that our experience – good, bad or otherwise – is uniquely our own and may not necessarily represent how others may feel after their visit to a given hotel property. So in that sense, it has always seemed a bit unfair to paint a picture of what other visitors should expect before they have even arrived. Instead, I’ve just figured it’s better for people to approach their travels as a blank canvas – and one that I should not color with any preconceived notions based on my personal opinions. But in the case of our recent stay at the Maui Westin Resort & Spa, I’m breaking my own rule and writing a review. The main reason why is that we had serious concerns about how our stay would go largely based on the many reviews we read detailing the construction currently going on at this property. And maybe, this review will give you some peace of mind leading up to your trip so you don’t have to be stressed or worried like we were. And I apologize in advance for the length of this review, but I wanted to be thorough Before I go into the details of our stay, I want to make it clear that I don’t work for the Westin or any of its’ affiliates. I was not prompted in any way by the hotel to write this review and this is not a robo-review of any sort. Now, if you’re thinking that’s exactly what someone would say if any of the above were true, all I can tell you is that you’ll have to take my word for it. Mainly, I’ll frame the review against what we were most commonly reading leading up to our trip to try and give perspective on a few key areas. But I’ll also talk about what we loved about our stay. So without further adieu, here is an overview of our nine-night stay (June 26 to July 5) at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa… First and foremost, there is a pretty extensive renovation going on at the property, and we knew that when we booked our trip back in January 2019. And if you read some of the reviews like I did before we went, you might think your dream vacation was going to be spent at a demolition site rather than a luxury resort. Those were some fears we had, and thankfully, we found that not to be the case at all. In fact, I can say with 100% honesty that the renovations that were and are taking place at the hotel had absolutely no impact on the enjoyment of our stay. And we felt that Westin did a great job of cordoning off the areas being renovated. We read all kinds of horror stories about how jackhammering and tile saw noises made relaxing by the pool a near impossibility. In our experience, the noise was barely audible by the pools. The pool’s waterfalls, the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline and people enjoying themselves at the pools pretty much drowned out any construction noise. The noise didn’t bother us at all when we were in our room either. But our room was a bit further away from the main renovations so others might have a different experience based on where their room is located. We read that trying to find lounge chairs was akin to finding a needle in a haystack if you didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to save your spot. Again, we found this not to be the case at all. Even when we didn’t get down to the pool area until later in the morning, we never had an issue finding spots. Keep in mind we had seven travelers in our party and were always able to find seats together even though the hotel was sold out for the duration of our stay. And the adult pool opened on July 4th so that created even more room. Of course you’ll also read about complaints people had regarding folks saving their spots with towels or other personal items and not occupying their spots for hours at a time. There is certainly some truth to that, but from my experience, that’s a pretty common occurrence at most hotels and something that’s difficult to police. So I put that more on the guests and less on the hotel itself. We experienced the same thing at the Grand Wailea a couple years ago. We read that the elevators were painfully slow. Yes, there were times, especially during peak traffic (like when people were heading to the pool in the morning), that they could be slow. But if you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know that many things just tend to happen a bit more slowly, which is really part of the island culture and part of the reason so many people like to visit. And even when it was slow, we’re talking a matter of a couple minutes and nothing more. I can’t speak to the condition of the rooms in the older tower, but our room was amazing. It was very clean and modern. We also didn’t have a car (didn’t really need one because there is so much within walking distance and there are shuttles to Lahaina) so I can’t speak to the valet service either. As far as housekeeping services, we had no problems at all. They we prompt and fantastic, always leaving our room looking nice and leaving us plenty of complimentary waters. The very best part of our trip was the Westin staff. Everyone we encountered, from housekeeping and the front desk staff to servers at the pool, was so nice and welcoming. Once they knew our names, they remembered them throughout the duration of our trip and referred to us by name during almost every interaction thereafter. We truly felt treated like a member of their extended family. One staff member who deserves special recognition is Jeff Ammerman. I sent an email to the hotel before our stay because of the growing concerns we had after reading many of the reviews and Mr. Ammerman was the one who ended up responding. He took the time to answer each and every one of my questions. I felt he was honest with his responses and he genuinely cared about all the things that were worrying us. In essence, he helped talk me off the ledge because I had begun to build worst-case scenarios in my head based on the reviews. He even checked in with us during our stay to make sure everything was going great. We got the chance to meet him in person and he couldn’t have been nicer. It was some of the most outstanding customer service we’ve ever experienced. As I said in the beginning, reviews are very subjective, and at the end of the day, each person will form their own opinion based on their specific experience. But if you’ve got a vacation booked at the Westin and have been worried or stressed about what’s in store for you, I hope this at least somewhat helps to alleviate your major concerns. I think it’s extreme for people to say things like do anything you can to find a different hotel or to say things like don’t stay here until 2020 when the renovation is complete. Sure, you may find some inconveniences, but ultimately your stay is what you make it to be, regardless of all the outside influences that may occur. For us, it was one of the best experiences we’ve had and we have so many great memories to cherish from our trip. We’ve been looking for a place to make repeated visits to, a place where we can create a family tradition. I think we have found it at the Westin Maui Resort and Spa.

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    Beware of certain situations at this hotel.

    Reviewed by Nicole G() on Jul 12, 2019

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    We booked this hotel through a travel agency who did not make us aware there is major construction going on. It takes away from the overall feeling of beauty while staying in Maui.Our room facing the mountain in very small. If you are above the main entrance, there is garbage on the rooftop that I asked them to clean up twice and they never did. In addition, my vacation was paid in full as confirmed by front desk receptionist. If I didn’t not get an email from my bank that evening, I would not have known they charged us again the full amount. I had to spend several hours trying to rectify their mistake and the hotel would not move us to another room away from the construction unless we paid to upgrade. Please check your banking statements and book in the beach tower if you are planning to stay here.

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