Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa

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    Jamaica with my sister & rum punch

    Reviewed by yemyemo() on Sep 29, 2020

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    Although I did not join the class, I wanted to drop a note about the aqua spin class held in the Lady Hamilton main pool. The class looked so fun. The instructors, Jovanne and Shamarie, were energetic and inviting. Everyone was watching. I did some of the exercises outside of the pool in my attempt to participate. The instructors were very welcoming and encouraging. Other even joined mid-way, male and female alike. The music was also good. I’ll join next time.

    Fitness team

    Reviewed by Brooklyngirl09(Saint Louis, Missouri) on Sep 29, 2020

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    This review is for the fitness program only. Powerman, Jovanne and Shamarie did a good job. I joined in for the water aerobics which started at noon and was about 30 minutes. The team was engaging and attentive.

    Booking has been a nightmare

    Reviewed by Tipla(Washington DC, District of Columbia) on Sep 28, 2020

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    I don't usually do this, but I have to say the Palladium's booking for groups is a little nightmarish. The resort requires payment from one credit card. I don't understand how a resort this large does not have a way to block rooms so that people can individually apply their own payments. Everyone has been perfectly nice, but the resort needs to fix this. I have wasted so much time (not to mention international calls) trying to work this out. Now I am going to have to just go to another resort in the end. It doesn't look as nice but you know what I can do there, give the people in my group a code where they can call in and leave a payment!!!!

    Stay Away!

    Reviewed by 31jimmyd() on Sep 27, 2020

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    So in short...big waste of money and we’ll never go back. We had read previous reviews for this place and thought, some might have a negative experience so it can’t be all that bad...well it’s bad! All week we couldn’t wait to write our review on how bad this place is but the fact is there was so much bad, it would honestly take me writing about each day’s experience. Way to much to type so I’ll try to be brief and highlight what to avoid....but first the good...our room was wonderful, very clean and comfortable. Cleaning staff did a great job and the bar was always freshly stocked. Beaches also great, absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, that’s the good. If your looking for nothing to do except swim, lay in the sun or in your room, this is the place for you! Anything beyond that, your out of luck! Now our travel agent checked with the resort to see if anything in the resort had been modified or reduced due to Covid-19. She was told they were running 100%. Upon check-in we were told we had been upgraded to the Lady Hamilton side of the resort. It wasn’t an upgrade, half of the resort was shut down. We checked in at 2:30pm and all of the restaurants were closed for the day...AT 2:30!!!! We had been traveling since 6am that morning. OUR FIRST MEAL WAS NOT PROVIDED UNTIL BREAKFAST ON DAY 2. Needless to say we were completely pissed off and wanted to leave! But you can’t, we were told no one is allowed to leave the resort.....more on this later. The website boasts of 11 different restaurants and all these different bars, shows, night life, casino....Nope!!most are still closed so on our trip we had 2 food options each night. The food is far from good quality, no the food sucked! I guess I should have mentioned that we had the entire resort to ourselves. I mean there were other guests but seeing others was rare. Now this would explain everything being closed, but as I said earlier, my travel agent was told they were at 100%. No shows or entertainment. I really can’t emphasize enough that there is nothing to do there but swim. Breakfast and lunch is served at the Blue Lagoon and only at the Blue Lagoon. It’s the same food each and every day. Your two dinner options are Japanese and Indian food twice a week, and steak or seafood twice a week. The other two nights you have to eat dinner at the Blue Lagoon. The resort was very mindful of Covid. Taking your temp before you go in and mandatory masks. It did feel very safe But for the price of your stay, you’d expect decent food and more options. We did eventually find out that if you want to leave the resort, you can. You sign something when you check in that says you can be arrested if you leave the resort. However, if you use one of the resorts taxis “they know where it’s safe to take you”. It’s gonna cost you though. $140 plus tip for four hours off the resort, no haggling. This resort is out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a 45 minute ride to Montego Bay, so half your time is taken up with driving. $100 to Nigel which is 30 minutes away. We paid an extra $80 for an additional 2 hours, plus purchased lunch and desert for our driver/bodyguard. Yes you will want a bodyguard. We were swarmed by people within the first minute of exiting our vehicle in Montego Bay. It very much reminded us of being in Mexico...Jamaica is very poor right now and they want your money desperately. If we had it to do over again, we would have stayed in Montego Bay where the action is and not so far out from everything. There is an 8pm curfew for all of Jamaica. The resort did have a nice assortment of water sports from 10am to 5pm. Snorkeling, Hobie Cat, kayaking, tubing,...ask for Akeem, he was great! But....beware of this beach! We were only able to use it a few days but this was our choice. For some reason on some days it’s packed with Jellyfish and I mean packed. Enough for me to stay out of the water in that beach. This would explain why we had this beach to ourselves any day, any time. My wife loved it but she loves to snorkel and isn’t afraid of jellyfish. Once they warned us of the lion fish in the area , that was enough for me so I stayed out of the water on that particular beach. The pools were comfortable and clean and the other beaches were free of all the jellyfish. This resort does hound you to pay for extras. You pass these people each time you go to eat. Smart on their part to set up and hit you up on the way to a meal and after your meal. If you give them your room number, expect multiple phone calls. The ones from the Spa were the worst. They called you everyday. My wife eventually purchased a package. On day 2, our first meal, prices were $200, by the time she purchased her package, she got it for $90. If you golf, expect this to be expensive. $300 per person for 18 holes plus club rental. Caddies are $20 for each person. The taxi to the nearest golf course was $30. I forgot to mention room service. It’s not an order whatever you want whenever you want type deal....and it’s not free. Room service has its own menu. Your allowed to choose from 3 categories with one selection from each category. The cost is $10 per person plus tip. BTW, you cannot take any food out of the restaurants. Plenty of drinks! If you drink enough you’ll forget about being bored to death and help with eating crappy food. Bottom line is this is the first vacation I was so bored and hungry. Much of this may be due to COVID but it would have been nice to know everything was closed. I did forget to mention that they did have two shops open on the property. One was a small gift shop and the other was a very small jewelry store. Again, no shows , the casino was a joke, it closed at 8pm every night and there wasn’t one single card table. No blackjack, no roulette, only about 30 slot machines that were made in the 1980’s. If I had it to do over again, I’d just stay in the US or pick a different resort closer to the action. There is much more I could say but I think you get the idea and I did not leave anything good about this resort out. Hope this helps someone!

    Awesome Service

    Reviewed by TricJona() on Sep 27, 2020

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    The service and staff at Grand Palladium, Lady Hamilton were wonderful, courteous, friendly and professional. A special shout out to the ladies at the kids club (Tashae, Tessi and Tis-Shay) ??. They were theee best. My son Jonathan says it's the best Kids Club ever. We will return.