Doubletree Metropolitan

3.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Good hotel

    Reviewed by 557maricarg(Russian Hill, California) on Feb 23, 2021

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    I feel relax and enjoy staying here at this hotel even though they are busy when u check in but over all are very good , Good hotel and good staff good food and sweet words by the staff ! will definitely visit again! thankyou !


    Reviewed by TGarciaAlt(New York City, New York) on Jan 09, 2021

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    This place don't even deserve a 1 rate, your Hotel was an awful experience, Garbage bags and boxes in the hallways, People without wearing mask roaming around, luggage abandoned in the elevators for several minutes, Poor Service, Hygiene non existence, A used mask in the garbage of a supposedly new room, and even roaches. we can Understand the situation with COVID but there is no excuse for the lack of the minimun to take care of your guests. we ran out of there as soon as we could and booked in The New Yorker. NEVER AGAIN!!

    Do Not Ever Stay AT This hotel

    Reviewed by FRANKRAFFA(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Dec 26, 2020

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    This was the worst hotel experience that I have ever had and I never got to check-in. When I arrived at about 4 pm, there was a line of about 40 people trying to check-in. It was shocking. There were two people at the desk. I was there for two hours and then, had to leave because i thought that the room was a "covid buffet"- so many people in a hotel lobby. People were seated and standing everywhere. Being an older man with many co-morbidities and had to try to leave. There was no help when I called Hilton and Priceline could not do anything except to try to call the hotel. Priceline told me that no one answered and that they could not do anything without the hotel's staff allowing me to cancel my reservation. I do not know if my pre-paid reservation of two nights will be refunded. During this process, I had to stand outside in the freezing cold trying to get help on the phone, so that I did not contract covid.

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    Perfect service

    Reviewed by Rosyv0412() on Dec 11, 2020

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    We checked in with Leah, she was so informative and kind. We were greeted with such kindness unlike other places my boyfriend and I have traveled to. She accommodated us on the nicest highest floor available. Chocolates and cookies were given to us as well as a treat for staying with them. It was a beautiful first impression and we will definitely be staying here again.

    Very nice Location and very nice hotel

    Reviewed by OlivierHRD(Anse Royale, Seychelles) on Dec 06, 2020

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    We had a great short moment during our stay , it is ideally located nearby everything , access to the center and all the main highway !!! Despite the COVID , all the team is doing them best to pay attention , service is great , room is nice , we had a balcony !!! MUST TRY