Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites - Waterpark

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    The RUDEST and most unprofessional staff!!!

    Reviewed by Drnegro23(New York City, New York) on Aug 21, 2019

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    What’s there to like about this place? For us NOTHING. We planned our trip way in advance and traveling with an infant we booked our suite with a kitchen. After a long travel we arrived at this place for check in. I waited over 10 mins in line and I was next. The counter agent was more concern about selling an upgrade to the folks in front of me than adding value to guests or creating a great experience. So, my turn came and I was called in. First thing out of the agent was “ Let me get your id and cc” wooah how’s that for a real welcoming experience for guests?? Then after locating my reservation and asking me if I was parking a car while there he then said: “I have a king size suite with a pool view and away from the construction which will make it harder for you to find parking and getting to the waterpark.” “ Is not that I want to move you, I’m just letting you know.” I have booked a queen suite and being tired as we were, I told him yes. He then proceded to indicate on the map how to get there while giving me instructions. We took all of our luggage, our five, ten and infant sons with us to find our room. We drove around and couldn’t find the building until the second try we did ask the valet attendant and he able to provide clearer instructions. When we got to our room, NO KITCHEN??????. I called the front desk and complained and was told that we needed to go back to the front to switch back our room. When we got there, I dealt with Jose Angel whom was not apologetic nor was trying to help. With all the mess now, he then told me I did not book a kitchen suite and therefore if i wanted one it will be at a larger room for $100 more a day. I told him that I just wanted what I pre paid for and not less. After him being doing something on his computer he came back to me and just stared.. sooo, what will be done to resolve this issue and he kept pushing for an upgrade at an additional cost. I was so furious at this point that, I asked to speak to a manager. He went to get him and to my surprise it was the one whom checked us in... I explained the situation and told him that I really did make sure I had a kitchen at booking and that, it took us a while to find the upgraded room since his directions were not as clear. To my astonished surprise, he looked at me with a very confrontational face and just said: “how so?” I then told him that we drove past the building a few times because he failed to mention that, the way the building was situated made it a bit harder for us to see the number. He then looked at me with the most arrogant look a person can have and just said: I gave you clear direction.” I then asked him to give me his name and said it was Jay or the initial J and that was it. Thinking that, I told him that we came from far and tired from traveling that, he was going to do something for us. He then said the least I can do is $75 a night to upgrade. WHAT???? At that point I just told him I wanted a full refund and that we were not staying here. I provide service to client as a profession and I treat my clients with the highest standards to exceed their expectations but, this guy Jay or J in Hospitality service did not do anything to solve the issue, nor was he putting his ego aside. He bluntly complied and just printed my receipt for the refund and handed it over to me. I walked out NEVER to consider giving my business to the lowest class of individual in the hospitality service I ever dealt with. We had no other place to go and just brainstorming as to what to do next. We searched and booked another waterpark resort a few miles out and could not be happier with the way this new placed treated us upon arriving. Jay or J, maybe management should send you to people interaction 1 on 1 training because you are lacking interpersonal skills. I was very reluctant about booking here and after reading multiple reviews I decided to try it out. I REGRET IT 1000%.

    Forced to use valet and they were terribly rude.

    Reviewed by Marilyn N() on Aug 19, 2019

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    We’ve been visiting here for years, and now you are forced to do valet, we waited 45 minutes for our car, not to mention it was an issue when I forgot my medicine and needed it from our car. They didn’t seem to like that. Just plain RUDE. We will not be coming back here!

    There are better resorts for a better price

    Reviewed by LawyerBaeRenee(Orlando, Florida) on Aug 19, 2019

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    Stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando this past weekend Celebrating my son’s Birthday   Stating that The experience left a lot to be desired is an understatement. To begin we booked a Family King Suite that was supposed to include a full kitchen, 2 king bedrooms, and 1 room with bunkbeds, upon arrival they tried to put me into 2 king bedroom suites with kitchenettes, and 1 room was unavailable, in which they told me it should be ready in 15 minutes, I should just get checked into the First King and they would call me when it was ready. Irritated after a long drive and an even longer check in process, we went to visit the room. 3 hours later I still had not heard back about the 2nd room.   I will say that we stayed at the resort while it was still controlled by Nickelodeon and Holiday inn did a major facelift, as the rooms are in much better condition.  After waiting for 3 hours, our second suite was still not ready after taking yet another trip down to the front desk (which is logistical nightmare and much reminiscent of an airport line). The hotels remedy was to say oh well since you are here we will put you in the room you originally booked because 1 is available now and the other party who booked the room has yet to arrive?!?! Excuse me? You are acting as if you are doing me a favor by putting me in a room that I PAYED FOR IN FULL A MONTH IN ADVANCE, management’s attempt at “accommodation for the inconvenience” was 2 pizza vouchers. So off putting when I’ve stayed at 2 Holiday inns early this year where the service was impeccable. When we arrived at the Room that I booked after moving our luggage to the new room, we were much better off, but seeing how that whole process took 3.5 hours, is ridiculous, Check in is ay 4pm, we arrived at 4 pm, I payed for a room, put me in the room I paid for, it really is that simple. It’s not the Customer’s fault you overbooked rooms.   The room: The rooms are nice, freshly painted, new floors, our room had 5 televisions, nice amenities, and the standard Holiday inn adjournments. Unfortunately the renovations stopped before the bathrooms, because they were very old, needed to be cleaned and regrouted.   The facility: is nice, great for kids and teens. There is lots of entertainment; Food Court, Laser tag, and arcade were all very nice. No complaints there. The free Pizzas from Antonio’s were not very good, I would avoid if I were you.   Parking: is expensive and there is not enough spaces for the facility. It’s ridiculous that you pay $15.00 per day and there isn’t enough spaces allocated to the building that you are housed in. We were forced to park very far from our building which is inconvenient to say the least.   Comfort: The sleep quality is barely at a 2/10. While the bed is very comfortable, with nice pillows, the walls are paper thin and our neighbors must have allowed their children to kick the walls the entire night, because I literally heard thumping the entire 2 days. Sleep was nonexistent to be exasperated by not 1 but 3 Fire Alarms beginning at 2:30 AM requesting everyone vacate the entire facility. Once given the okay by the fire department to go back to our rooms, not less than 10 minutes, was another loud fire alarm and intercom requesting we vacate the premises again. (the entire process happened once more). Absolutely ridiculous and left an extremely bad taste in my mouth after a horrible check in and staff acting as if they were doing me a favor by giving me the room I booked. Avoid going to the left of the check in desk because aggressive Time-Share reps will try to rope you into a sales pitch simply decline and keep it moving.   Overall, I still think it’s a great place for Children. Adults, just don’t go expecting relaxation, it's loud, kids are running up and down the hall despite the posted "quiet hours from 10pm- 7am, at all times of the day and night, and you will absolutely hear everything in the neighboring rooms, including crying, yelling, and if you’re really lucky the kicking of the wall that your bed is on! I found Housekeeping staff, pool staff, and lifeguards to be very friendly and nice. The children enjoyed the experience. There is only 2 elevators on either side of each set of 2 buildings and are very slow and many times occupied by housekeeping. Over all Orlando is full of resorts and there are far better choices for the price.

    Not worth the money

    Reviewed by thehonestsyreviewer() on Aug 19, 2019

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    So on pictures it looks good, the reviews aren’t that great, and now that does not surprise me after being there. Had to wait a bit at checkin, but that is normal. Booked a King Suite with bunk beds by Expedia confirmed and pre payed, Came there they said everything was full and we got for the first time in our life a downgrade to a Queen. Rooms are small. They are used a lot. Worn a lot Not clean. Dirty and greasy. I am glad that i looked first in the water reservoir of the coffee machine in the morning before i put up the machine. It was so dirty that we suddenly loose our appetite for coffee. See picture We have stayed in a lot of holiday inn hotels and this is the worst. Not worth the money. If you can not offer the prepayed room, you can not give some discount for the parking, and some points for the game room. Discount total 24USD. I think you should compensate the customer with a free night or at least 50% discount, or a free cancellation from the hotel so that the customer can book another hotel. Been there, done that. Spend a little more in Orlando and you will be in paradise.

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    Very clean

    Reviewed by FormerPI() on Aug 18, 2019

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    As a Florida resident and a Disney pass holder, my wife and I visit Orlando with our granddaughter quite a bit and found this location to be quite nice. It has more than enough stuff for everyone to do, water slides pools, food court and games areas. The staff has been both very nice and extremely helpful. No issues either time.

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