Fairmont Pacific Rim

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    Bad experience My daughter got her finger slammed in the window. We spent 7 hours at the emergency room at hospital.

    Reviewed by 726sanjaye111(Vancouver, Canada) on May 02, 2021

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    Bad experience. My daughter got her finger slammed in the window. I spent 7 hours at the emergency room. We could not use the pool. All other was fine amenities. Pool was used with my wife and son which was great.

    Great Hotel for a Stay-Cation

    Reviewed by barrydon8(New Westminster, Canada) on Apr 21, 2021

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    We had needed a much needed Stay-Cation and got everything we were looking for out of this Hotel. The spa was great and the amenities where very enjoyable as well. I wish they're restaurant had a patio in order to be able to dine in but there where many other patios in the area to have a bite to eat at. I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to have a very relaxing weekend!

    Great Hotel with Beautiful Views

    Reviewed by Tour312389() on Apr 20, 2021

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    Very nice hotel, with awesome and super friendly staff. We had a beautiful room over looking Coal Harbor with the mountains in the background. Although the hotel and service was top notch, the cleanliness of room was a different story. The carpets did not seem like they had been vacuumed. In addition, I had found a vape pen that had been left by the previous guest. As a parent with young kids, this was concerning and in my opinion very unacceptable. I did call the front desk and they were able to send someone up to reclean the carpets and get rid of the vape pen but at a hotel of this caliber, this is something that should not have happened in the first place.

    Lovely !

    Reviewed by RoseGardenia() on Apr 11, 2021

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    Stunning hotel , perfectly located with outstanding employees! Love everything about the hotel and it’s amenities ! Will gladly speak sweet words of the hotel to anybody thinking visiting Vancouver. & thank you for the room upgrade ?? A delight

    Ridiculous post-checkout $500 charge and customer service

    Reviewed by SalmanV1234() on Apr 09, 2021

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    Stayed at the Pacific Rim for one week. Greatest experience until they charged me 500 dollars for smoking cigarettes in the room, when I DID NOT smoke in the room NOT EVEN ONCE. This was charged to me a day after I checked-out of the hotel and I am absolutely appalled at this behaviour on their end. Also to the fairmont staff, why don’t you check your security cameras and/or speak to every single one of your front desk members and valets, they will all tell you that we would come out at least 10-12 times a day for a smoke. So why would we smoke in the room? Or why would we come down if we were smoking in the room? Kevin, the guest services manager returned my call saying in the rudest of tones ‘this is only a courtesy call, we have evidence (but can’t tell me what this evidence is) and that we can not dispute this matter whatsoever’. He did not answer any of my questions, only saying that there is nothing I can do to dispute this. Here’s the kicker: we don’t even smoke cigarettes. We smoke Iqos. After smoking outside, we would put the butts in our pocket and dispose them in our room trash can. So as a hotel when you blame + charge someone for something they did not do, I advise you to first get the facts straight. If you can’t even do that, at least do not talk to your customers so rudely (Especially when they drop $3.5k for 6 days). From a five star rating I will now give this a one star- lost all respect for this hotel and their staff (unfortunately, because they were all so lovely) Never staying at this hotel or any hotel managed by this manager Kevin. Don’t know which is making me more upset: being charged for something I didn’t do and not being able to even dispute it or the manner in which Kevin spoke to me on the phone. If you don’t want to get shocked with a post check out charge when you get back home, don’t stay here. And if you do decide to stay here and get the charge, I hope it is not Kevin you have to deal with and be talked to like you are some insignificant spec of dirt.