Shipping restrictions

Cargo crew carrying a kennel

Wondering if you can ship it with WestJet?

While we would love to help with all your shipping needs, there are some things we can't carry, as well as a few items that require prior arrangements.

Shipments we cannot accept:

  • WestJet and WestJet Cargo do not accept endangered species, or the remains from endangered species, as listed on Environment Canada's website under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) or trophies from any of the following five big game animals (cape buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceros) transported from other countries.
  • Shipments containing non-human primates, destined for laboratories or laboratory suppliers.
  • Shipments likely to damage the carrier's equipment or other shipments.
  • Shipments tendered with instructions to collect on delivery (C.O.D.).
  • Seafood shipments with individual pieces weighing more than 36 kilograms or 80 pounds, and perishable goods having a declared value in excess of $5,000.00.

Shipments subject to prior arrangements:

  • Shipments requiring special attention, protection, or care en route.
  • Shipments containing pieces of unusual shape or size.*
  • Shipments (other than seafood) containing any single piece weighing more than 136 kilograms or 300 pounds.
  • Human remains.
  • Shipments, or any part thereof, whose overall dimensions (length + width + height) exceed a total of 228 centimetres or 90 inches.
  • Shipments of bills of exchange, currency (money), furs, fur clothing, fur-trimmed clothing, jewelry (other than costume jewelry), gems (cut or uncut), gold or silver bullion (coined or uncoined), platinum or other precious metals, and similar articles or commodities.
  • Shipments of live animals.
  • Shipments having a declared value in excess of $25,000.00.

*If you have any doubts about whether your shipment is fit to fly, please email or call us at 1-866-952-2746.


WestJet reserves the right to place carriage embargoes on products and calendar dates. Stations will be notified of new or pending embargoes by bulletins from WestJet Cargo. Likewise, any embargoes that are lifted without a previously advised end date will also be communicated by WestJet Cargo. Any uncertainties must be clarified with WestJet Cargo prior to acceptance of the goods for carriage.

There is NO pet embargo due to COVID 19. We are only accepting kennel bookings for flights departing within 48 hours.

Seasonal embargoes

Domestic pets are not accepted as cargo shipments over the holiday season. This year, our domestic pet embargo will take place from December 18 to January 4 (inclusive).