COVID-19 testing

WestJet is supporting pre and post-travel initiatives to increase confidence in the travelling public and help in the fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 testing program partnerships:

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From Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

We’re sponsors of an University of British Columbia and Providence Health Care study for select guests flying from YVR. Learn about the rapid testing study in YVR.

From Alberta to Hawaii and more

From Alberta to Hawaii and more

Get tested in a participating Alberta pharmacy for destinations that require a negative COVID test for entry. Learn more about pre-travel testing.

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Into Calgary International Airport (YYC)

Quarantine may be reduced by participating in COVID-19 testing when you arrive on a direct flight into YYC. Learn about the Alberta COVID testing trial.

Rapid COVID-19 testing study at YVR

The University of British Columbia and Providence Health Care are conducting a voluntary clinical research study, sponsored by WestJet and Vancouver Airport Authority. The study is investigating a method of rapid-testing for COVID-19 for departing passengers prior to security screening at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

The voluntary study is open to WestJet guests on their day of travel who meet the following criteria: 

  • Between the ages of 19 and 80
  • Residents of British Columbia
  • Ticketed for a domestic departing flight
  • Have a minimum of 75 minutes to participate

You will not be eligible if you have previously tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days and you do not provide written, informed consent. 

Please note: if you are eligible, you must have a minimum of 75 minutes to participate; however, we recommend arriving at the airport no less than two hours before departure to allow for plenty of time for testing, check-in, bag drop and security. You will be required to wait 20-30 minutes for test results.

What if my rapid test is positive? 

  • You will be ineligible to travel and will be required to undergo further Health Canada-approved confirmatory testing to diagnose your COVID-19 status.
  • You will receive an information pamphlet with details on when and how to rebook your flight. You will be able to reschedule or cancel your flight at no cost for yourself and any other members listed on your reservation.

What if my rapid test is negative?  

  • As per Transport Canada requirements, you’ll still need to wear a mask during your flight and comply with all existing COVID-19 requirements. 

While we do not expect the testing to add much time to the airport journey, WestJet suggests arriving at the airport no less than two hours before departure to allow for plenty of time for testing, check-in, bag drop and security. Those who do not meet check-in, baggage drop or boarding cut-off times may be denied travel. 

To register for the study, please click here.

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WestJet offers pre-flight testing for Hawaii

Testing negative eliminates Hawaiian quarantine while supporting safe travel

WestJet has partnered with the Government of Hawaii to offer a pre-flight COVID-19 testing program for Canadian guests travelling to the Hawaiian Islands. A negative test result, from WestJet’s laboratory partner DynaLIFE, is required within 72-hours of travel and will exempt the guest from the state’s required 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

The DynaLIFE test is available at participating pharmacies for a fee of $150. Book an appointment. While the testing is currently only available in Alberta, it is open to all Canadian residents. Testing is not required for children under 5.

To avoid quarantine when travelling to Hawaii, guests must:

  1. Set up a Safe Travels Hawaii account for each travelling adult at
  2. Take a test at a DynaLIFE participating pharmacy location within 72-hours of their flight departing to Hawaii
  3. Complete the Travel Health Questionnaire on Safe Travels within 24 hours of their flight departure to receive a personalized QR code
  4. Display the Safe Travels QR code and negative test result from DynaLIFE during boarding
  5. Complete the final screening process upon arrival into Hawaii by showing the personalized QR code, negative test results, government ID, and be prepared to demonstrate their method of communication for the daily health check-in (i.e. cell phone)
  6. Enjoy Aloha!


All guests traveling to Hawaii are required to complete the Hawaii Safe Travels form and have a personalized QR code to present, regardless of the intent to complete a pre-arrival COVID testing process.

If a negative test is not uploaded or manually verified prior to departure, guests will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

See Hawaii entry requirements

Even with a negative test result, as per Transport Canada, you’ll still need to wear a mask during your flight and comply with all existing COVID-19 requirements. 

See flights to Hawaii from Alberta

Pre-travel testing for international entry requirements

Albertans requiring a test as an entry requirement for travel to international destinations can receive a COVID-19 test at participating local pharmacies for a fee. Learn about DynaLIFE.

Before paying for travel testing, verify that this test and available timing will satisfy the entry requirements of your destination.

See featured destinations

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COVID-19 testing in YYC

Alberta residents and eligible international travellers arriving on a non-stop flight into Calgary can take a test for COVID-19 and possibly reduce their mandatory quarantine to as little as 2 days with a negative test. This includes those connecting to airports within Alberta and essential foreign travellers staying within the province for at least 14 days after arrival but excludes guests returning to schools, healthcare or other vulerable settings. There is no fee for the test. 

The Government of Alberta and Government of Canada have agreed on a 26-week pilot project that will make YYC the exclusive airport for Canada’s first quarantine reduction project that will allow testing to take place on arrival from all international destinations, to reduce quarantine to as little as 2 days from 14 days.

After taking the COVID test, guests must:

  • stay within Alberta after their arrival
  • enter quarantine until test results are delivered in as little as 2 days
    • If the results are negative, guests are no longer required to stay at home. If results are positive, the 14-day quarantine is still required.
  • commit to submitting a second test after 6-7 days for validation and data collection
  • delay returning to childcare programs, K-12 schools or post-secondary institutions until they have their second test and received a negative result
  • avoid health care settings, large gatherings and select workplaces. See all setting restrictions
  • provide daily check-ins
  • wear a mask in public

**This pilot project may be restricted or broadened at any point as the Governments of Canada and Alberta evaluate through the trial.

Guests who do not participate in the pilot must adhere to the 14-day quarantine.

For full pilot project details, visit the Government of Alberta website.

How YYC COVID testing works


Register online with the Alberta Government up to 5 days before you arrive at Calgary International Airport. Go through Canada Customs (CBSA) and the Public Health (PHAC) process on arrival to determine eligibility.


If you’re eligible, provide contact details and any other requested information to PHAC for quarantine follow up. All further directions will be provided to you. If you’re not eligible or choose not to participate, you’ll need to go home and quarantine for 14-days.


Because support for this trial is popular, there may be significant wait times. Guests with connections within Alberta can still participate – look for signs with directions.


Proceed to the registration desk with your Alberta Health card and Alberta driver’s license (Alberta residents) or passport (all other eligible guests).


Complete final registration and receive two test requisitions: 1 for the immediate test, 1 for the test required 6-7 days later.


Proceed to take the test and go home to quarantine until advised of the test result within 24-48 hours. Follow all other instructions provided by AHS or PHAC.

If your test results are negative, see how your movement will be restricted without quarantine. If positive, you’ll need to remain in quarantine.

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