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    Amazing again

    Reviewed by dogladyhb(rome) on Apr 17, 2021

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    First I must say I take offense at anyone giving resort anything less than a perfect score. We have been members for over 10 years and love sun palace. The staff and resort are as close to perfect as you can get. We are coming again in December and can’t wait! When I read some of the less than perfect scores of sun palace I just have to snicker....we could travel anywhere and so could the two other couples that we travel with. We choose to visit sun palace every year and reinvest in our membership. We own our own company and understand the business model of how to continue to be successful. We do it with just two people. Sun palace does it with an entire huge staff....


    Reviewed by emilyj623(New York City, New York) on Apr 17, 2021

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    I don’t normally write poor reviews. If something is good, I’ll say so. If I have a negative experience, it really has to outweigh the good for me to give the resort a poor review. Over the last ten years or so my husband and I have visited Mexico 1-2 times a year for 4-5 nights. It’s our de-stress, disconnect, and do nothing but relax trips. We like all-inclusive resorts because we can just lock up the credit cards and everything is taken care of. Normally we travel as a couple only, but this trip we travelled with four other couples. So we were able to compare notes. One couple are Palace Members. They weren’t happy either. The other couples also had just so-so experiences. Check-In: pleasant experience. We were offered an upgrade for $95 per night, which included (among other throw-away things like upgraded shampoo and a cheap aromatherapy machine((eye-roll here)): bigger room, bigger balcony, better view, a bottle of premium liquor, a bottle of wine in the room, a 25-minute back massage per person, access to the VIP lounge and VIP section at the beach. We like to have a great view, a big room, and access to a quiet lounge so we went for it. Come to find out our room and balcony is the exact same size as the other couples who didn’t upgrade and they also had a bottle of wine in their room, but we were two floors up. One couple who didn’t upgrade had a higher floor. The only thing the others didn’t have were snacks in the room. Our “snacks” were two tiny bags of chips and a small bag of peanuts (even though we registered with the hotel as having nut allergies). The one bottle of “premium” liquor we asked for that we were due as part of the upgrade package was “out of inventory.” It’s starting to get a little comical at this point, but I’ll get to the premium liquor issue later in the review. My husband went to the VIP lounge at around 7pm our first night and there was no one there! Meaning no bartender: no drinks. My husband went to concierge to discuss the upgrade package, but the deflection practices were hardcore at the front desk, and it’s not worth it to us to spend more than a few minutes arguing. We just want to enjoy our vacation. So we let it go. Cleanliness: all staff wore masks. Most guests also wore masks, but there were a few who did not, but they were very few. My biggest concern was the bathrooms at the pools. Each time I was in there no one was wearing a mask accept for me. It’s an enclosed space so that was a little uncomfortable. There also weren’t signs for masks requirements at these restrooms. The only signs I saw were for inside the main building. We were asked to use hand sanitizer when entering restaurants. I expected to see more proactive cleaning, but I didn’t see any of that. For example: this hotel is vertical so we all had to use the elevators to get to our rooms. I expected to see someone clean the buttons at least once during the day of the 5 days I was there. Not once. And they were covered in fingerprints. The phone in our room was also dirty. Like it hadn’t been wiped down ever. Even pre-covid I would be grossed out. Spa: again, part of our package was two 25-minute back massages. My husband isn’t really into massages so I asked if I could combine the two into one 50 minute massage. I got a hard no on that one. That’s just silly. It takes more time and effort for two short massages than one longer massage. Overall the spa was lovely and the staff was very nice. Food: some was 7 out of 10. Some was 10 out of 10. Some was 4 out of 10. The buffet turns into the Mexican restaurant at night, and that was the best meal we had. Everything else was just kind of “fine.” Staff: 10 of 10. Truly the best. Super nice and accommodating. Antonio is the buffet is a real charmer and he goes above and beyond. This brings me to my next point, which based on how awesome and accommodating the staff is, can’t really be their fault. It must be a hotel directive. Ordering drinks: at most of the bars the actual “premium liquor” is hidden behind other bottles. If I saw a premium liquor on display it got to the point that I was really surprised because they are hidden at every bar. And if you asked for a premium liquor there was a sense that they had to give it to you because you asked, but that they would get in trouble for it. As if they would be reprimanded if the bottle wasn’t full enough at the end of the night. Those bottles also disappeared very quickly and you would be told there is no more left. Context: for the most part I’m not ordering top shelf liquor. Vodka sodas, mimosas, things like that. I’ll order maybe 1-2 margaritas a day, but for those I want top shelf liquor. I think this whole 5-day trip I probably ordered four margaritas in total. This brings me to one of my most frustrating experiences where I was flat-out deceived. I was at the swim up bar. They were pretty slammed so there were other bartenders from inside helping out. The pool bartenders wear blue and the guys who were helping out were wearing white. My husband and I had just gotten to the pool. I asked for two margaritas with Don Julio Reposado from one of the bartenders in white. He had a look on his face so I decided to watch while he made the drinks. Normally they make the drinks at their station. He didn’t do that. He went behind a pillar so as to be somewhat hidden. He took the Don Julio off the shelf, unscrewed it, and placed it next to our glasses. He then took a different tequila and poured it into our drinks. He capped the Don Julio and put it back on the shelf. The Don Julio was never poured. I made a decision right then to take the drinks, but call him out on it. I’m not one to make a scene and create negativity for the people around me. I simply said to him that I’d take the drinks, but that I saw what he did. He flat out denied it and walked away. When the crowd died down and he went back inside, there was no more Don Julio. It sure goes fast when you’re not even pouring it. This happened our last day at the resort and unfortunately sealed the deal on me having to write this review. All so they could save two shots of tequila. And if you thinks any of this is because we don’t tip, I assure you we do. Check-out: hard sell by the timeshare people for a return trip. ONLY $1200 + taxes for four nights to use within the next two years. $750 in resort credits. They were asking $299 up front to secure this deal. And you would have to sit through their timeshare “presentation” which is only 90-minutes. Everyone knows it’s not 90-minutes and they pass you around to 4 different levels of salespeople before they let you leave. This is not a good deal. Pass.

    Girls week

    Reviewed by Laureen0822() on Apr 16, 2021

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    Just spent a fabulous week at Sun Palace...Super clean and was amazing..and our favorite wow " That Bar" spending our nights with Mario ..Jose.. and Franco..super kind and friendly evertime, and we consider them out new best friends. All the staff was amazing..Orlando and Endino took care of us all day at the pool, cocktails and lunch. ...and so many others to mention. Please thank them all for us. We most certainly will be back!! Thank you for having us..!!!!

    Generally a great place, but a few areas for improvement

    Reviewed by meowmeow_7(Saint Paul, Minnesota) on Apr 15, 2021

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    We just spent 6 days here. If you're looking for a resort with not a lot going on (which is what we wanted), this place is for you. Room: No complaints. Clean, comfortable with nice amenities. It's curious that the room was first stocked with Chi products but was restocked with their spa products. Beach: The first two days it was great. Then the waves and wind took away most of the sand and left about a five foot drop down to the water level. So that left the... Pools: If you don't get up early and claim a chair by one of the pools, especially the party pool, you're out of luck for the day. There are signs posted that state that items will be removed when unattended for an hour, but that never happened. The pools themselves are nice and the entertainment staff were great. Food and drink: Amazing food. Great variety and service was usually excellent (although I could have done without the "yummy, yummy, yummy" when a waiter put my plate down). For drinks, if you want the top shelf liquor, you must ask for it or you'll get the in-house stuff. Shows: Don't miss the fire show on the beach. The others were on the cheesy side in an outdated and stuffy ballroom. Membership: It's easy to avoid the membership sales pitch. We were cornered once and after a few nos, we were left alone. COVID precautions: This is why we choose this resort. Everyone was mask-compliant and I felt 100% safe both personally and in terms of COVID. Getting around Cancun: Take the $1 red bus instead of a taxi.

    Can't Wait to Come Back

    Reviewed by Marnel G(Pahrump, Nevada) on Apr 11, 2021

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    We were scheduled to come the week of our 20th anniversary last October. Instead I spent our anniversary in the hospital and was diagnosed with leukemia :-( Our anniversary trip is now rescheduled for May 12-19, 2021. I can't wait to write a wonderful review. This will be our 18th visit to Sun Palace and absolutely love this resort. Thank you for making the refund process so easy for us last October. See ya soon!