Reflect Nuevo Vallarta

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    Holiday in mexico

    Reviewed by Meteorman99(Leduc, Canada) on Nov 06, 2019

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    Stayed at the Krystal grand for 7 days. Issue with our room when first checking in which was quickly rectified. The rest of the stay was great, Carlos at the infinity pool bar was great, Elena our housekeeper was fantastic. The food in the Grill restaurant was very good, buffet food was much better than an average all inclusive. Pool areas were clean and well serviced by the waiters. The closeness to Bucerias was very nice and PV was a bus ride away. Was a great stay, will be back for sure.

    Not worth it

    Reviewed by Fangst() on Nov 06, 2019

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    Currently been here 4 days beach umbrellas ? not hardly enough that’s at beach at the pools one whole side no umbrellas at all I guess they want u to cook in the sun all day. I booked altitude section please don’t waste your money nothing but a few toiletries haha. Went to there so called altitude lounge as I said waste of money big time. Trying to get bar fridge filled haha if u lucky late afternoon. Now the food meals cold only few restaurants open and as I’m alinculsive I got a different menu at steak house if u want the good steaks it’s a charge unreal never again. At best a 3 star. And service is brutal. Here for 3 more days can’t wait to leave sad for the cost of this trip.

    A 3 star Resort with 4+ star potential

    Reviewed by BDNtrip(St. Albert, Canada) on Nov 01, 2019

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    Reflect Krystal Grand Nuevo is a solid 3 star resort with 5 star staff, 1 star management and potential to become a 4+ star resort. I am a frequent traveller and regularly stay/ have stayed at many all-inclusive resorts over the past three decades. Following is my review of the Reflect Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta October 23-30, 2019. This is a boutique hotel which has great potential for a memorable getaway. Rooms are large and clean, although in need of refreshing and light maintenance. Showers are exceptionally large, but the water has to run on full cold for over 20 minutes before it is cool enough to use. Staff are excellent – very well trained, attentive and very accommodating. While all are noteworthy, I single out Francisca and Enrique at the Grill, Gustavo at the Buffet and Dante & Solomon at the bar for their sterling service. They always acknowledged and remembered us and our likely drinks and table locations. Staff at this hotel are indeed its “heart” and deserve accolades. Food in the specialty restaurant was great. I always test a resort by asking for a special meal that is not listed on their menu – the kitchen absolutely accommodated without any effort or issue. Well done! Breakfasts and lunch in the main buffet area (when available) had ample and varied selections with the food being well prepared. Based on volume, not all restaurants were open every night. To accommodate this, the only restaurant that was open every night – the Grill - varied its menu. A very good model. On the negative, the hotel caters to conferences and gave priority seating at the luncheon Buffet to conference attendees – forcing the hotel guests to either wait for over an hour or have “pub food” from the snack bars. Ocean viewing areas were similarly restricted based on the needs of the conferences. Further, the hotel closed the entire buffet area for at least 3 full days (still closed when I left) forcing all guests to eat inside a closed conference room on tables set for 10. This was an extremely poor and disrespectful decision on the part of the management. The staff did their best to “lighten the situation, but this was the absolute most disrespectful treatment I have ever received in my travels. There was no form of or even acknowledgement from the Management on this serious problem. I strongly recommend that before committing to this resort, you confirm before going that (1) there are no conferences and (2) all restaurants will be open. There is a fantastic coffee bar in the main buildings, however it is only open 07:00 and closes at 23:00 daily. It is also only a “dry” coffee bar in that specialty coffee (Spanish, Irish, Mexican, Bailys,…) are not available. The rooftop lounge area is very relaxing – when open as it randomly closed during my stay. Not sure why the management would prevent guests from enjoying this facility – another blackmark. Great views, typically softer ambient music and attentive bar service when the rooftop is open. The 4 pools were clean and well positioned with 3 (I believe) heated. Here is where a decision must be made; this is a small resort yet uses a main pool and its only infinity pool as activity pools – loud noise and action. Both are also “family” pools with many unsupervised children – to the point where incessant tantrums and children swimming without bathing suits were an accepted norm. It was difficult many times to even sit poolside without being splashed and needing earplugs. We are all fortunate the pool did not have to be closed due to the nude children have an “accident”. The adult pool is actually an extension of the courtyard activity pool – courtyard located with no view and next to the busiest bar, negating its purpose. So the decision for management to make – does a small resort really need 2 activity pools? And should the infinity pool be a family, activity or adult quiet pool? As to poolside music, it was usually of a reasonable temperament and volume until about 10:40 ish at which time it became a non-stop mix of very loud noise such as what you would expect from a DJ wanna-bee in a low-end nightclub. A strong recommendation to the management: make a decision on how your pools are to be used and then enforce such. Pool chair “reservations” occurred daily with many chairs having towels draped for the day with no guests visible. Again, rules are not enforced. The beach volleyball court is located next to the infinity pool – so if you are able to have a moment of quiet – one still has to pay attention as the ball regularly flies into the pool. My recommendation – move the court away from the pool. The beach was typical for the area and kept clean and groomed. Overall, this is currently a solid 3 star resort with 5 star staff and the potential to become a 4+ star resort. Would I go back? Absolutely – but would confirm first (1) there are no conferences during the period (2) the restaurants will all be open (3) there will be an enforcement of published rules. As a side note and nothing to do with the resort: if you happen to consider travelling to this resort via Sunwing, be aware that you will be on your own. While billed as and scheduled to do so, the Sunwing representative does not come to this resort and the information that appears in the on-site Sunwing “book is not kept current. You must either walk next door to the Riu Palace or have the resort lobby staff contact the corporate office of Sunwing to determine even basic information such as departure times. Forget about assistance in resolving issues.

    Amazing Experience

    Reviewed by DaymnItsTommy(Seattle, Washington) on Oct 28, 2019

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    I have nothing negative to say about this property. The resort is aesthetically pleasing with so much to do. Came here on a vacation with friends. What made this place even more amazing is the staff. The breakfast servers Alejandro and Clara were friendly and made our mornings with humor. Alejandro even remembered our drinks without having to ask! Luis from Skybar was very chill. Josefina from the cafe is extremely friendly and always has a smile. The swim up bar bartenders were great as well as the servers at the pool. The room server was very fast and friendly. Housekeeping was also on top of it. The entertainment team was always having activities available throughout the day. So there was also a something to do. But by far, I would say Dante was the best server we had during our time here. He was very attentive, accommodated our needs and went out of his way for us. Which is why we enjoyed most of our time lounging at the pool. Props to Dante! Overall, amazing experience.


    Reviewed by wonderlust524() on Oct 28, 2019

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    We had a wondeful vacation at this resort for my sisters wedding. The hotel staff was super friendly, accomodating and helpful with everything. Its beautiful and there is so much to do. Alberto, one of our servers, is by far the best server we have ever had anywhere. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. The swim out rooms are wonderful and we enjoyed them very much. Everything is well maintained and clean. We would definitely recommend and return.