Grand Riviera Princess All Suites and Spa Resort

4.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 4 and 5 stars. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services. 5 star - Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Very relaxing

    Reviewed by Travelsalot1988(Sussex, Wisconsin) on Jan 23, 2021

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    I stayed 4 nights, 20-24th. This was a last minute trip prior to being required to take the covid test to reenter the U.S. I was pleased with this resort despite some of the reviews. I witness the beach chairs being sprayed in the morning. They also sprayed along the foot paths (for bugs I presume). They have paper placemats at the buffet which are changed with each guest. Not the case in the Mexican or Steakhouse restaurant. I witness 1 changing and 1 reuse of tablecloths. Yes, there is still damage from the 2 hurricanes last fall, but I understand the costs during a pandemic to get it repaired. (My employer canceled repairs last summer too). I think people should understand that, especially since they aren't bringing any money in(8% occupancy while I was here). But work WAS being done while I was there. The tiles are VERY slippery. I knew that, but I still fell! Take it slow, you're on vacation. The staff are very good at speaking English. Also very appreciative of the guests for coming. The front desk clerk said "we are happy to have jobs". I was sad when it came to the night time show. A hall that normally seats 300-400 people only had 12 in it. They had a waitress bring us drinks and popcorn to our tables. The room and balconies are fantastic. I was on 2nd floor and slept with patio door open every night. They have SCREENS on them! First Mexican hotel I've seen with that. Only 2 sit down Restaurants open per night, rotating. Make a reservation. Wifi good quality. I highly recommend and I look forward to returning, when things get more normal again.

    It's s gone down hill! Been there 9 time each time slowly getting worse.

    Reviewed by 635vincec(Lethbridge, Canada) on Jan 19, 2021

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    I brought my family for Halloween and allow it was 2 weeks after hurricane zeta. This place was a total mess. The check in at this hotel has never been good but this time it was extra bad. There was only around 100 people at the hotel. Even with expedia gold (witch usually gives meny upgrades including early check in) we did not get our rooms until after 3:30. This hotel was not ready to open. None of the amenities where open. One restaurant and two bars. They should have advised everyone when booking that nothing was open. Having just come from the Barcelo Maya Palace for less money and better service we were extremely upset. This place was our favorite for meny years. I don't see us ever coming back!

    Nice place, but needs some TLC

    Reviewed by mattm21890(Grand Rapids, Michigan) on Jan 19, 2021

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    We stayed there in January and I would say it was only 10-15% full due to COVID. It was nice because service was fast and you never had to wait for a drink. The negatives were that not everything was open(restaurants, sports bar, etc). The overall resort does need to be updated. There were tiles falling off in the pool, rooms were not updated although the beds were very comfortable. The food at the restaurants was good, at least better than other all inclusive resorts we have stayed at. The platinum upgrade was definitely worth it and the best waitress at the whole resort is Margarita. She worked on the beach and at the platinum pool and was the best! Always had fresh drinks for us and was really funny! Overall great resort, just showing it’s age and need for updates.

    Beautiful Resort, great service

    Reviewed by chloev762() on Jan 16, 2021

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    I stayed here in mid December 2020. It was an excellent trip. The hotel is taking covid seriously, without infringing on the overall enjoyment of the resort. All the workers wore glasses and face masks, luggage was disinfected upon arrival, even car tires were disinfected. Guests had to wear face masks in closed in areas such as the buffet and restaurants. The service was incredible. By far the best we’ve had in Mexico. The rooms were very clean, comfortable, and luxurious. The beach was beautiful, they are taking care of the seaweed issue nicely. Even some good snorkelling if you go out far enough. The food was excellent. Highly recommend the French Restaurant and Steak restaurant. The buffet was also very delicious with a good deal of choice. We booked a cenote and snorkelling with dolphins excursion through the hotel and it was wonderful. The guides were very helpful, and super fun. And it was a nice small group and they were all lovely. We really enjoyed our holiday and would highly recommend it. You feel very safe there and taken care of.


    Reviewed by jessicar239() on Jan 04, 2021

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    Truly disappointed with having to argue with the front desk staff regarding the number of people I paid for upon arriving at the front desk. We were a party of 3. 2 adults & my 15 year old daughter. I paid $1400 per person for this trip (including $1400 for the 15 year old child). I had proof of this, however, trying to explain to someone who speaks broken English & I don't speak Spanish... they said I owed for the 15 year old & held my passport hostage until paid it. At first they said it was $200 that I owed. My return to the front desk a few days later to settle the issue, the manager changed it to $700! I down right said "I will NOT pay $700, for a total of $2100 for a child!!!!" This made no sense to me, my daughter weighs 90 lbs. & doesn't drink alcohol and can't use the teen club because it's closed... why am I paying more fora child? After spending a few days at the resort & talking to other parents at the pool. It became a common occurrence that we all had the same story about our children being double charged!!! What sort of scam is this?! I've stayed in this area 4 other times & included my children in the reservations and have never had an issue like this at any resort. Another parent of 2 said they were charged an extra $700 for 2 children. There were a few others that had the same story & to say the least...we were raging mad about it. I will be checking with my credit card company about them running a scam or fraud... to see if they are actually allowed to hold my passport hostage until I paid them extra. To me, it sounds against the law... but who knows what the law is in Mexico? We tried to enjoy our trip which included a milestone birthday for myself. It also included New Year Eve which was hyped up and ended up to be so boring. They said entertainment began at 6 pm - 2 a.m. We sat there for 4 hrs. & literally had 2 acts dance for 5-10 min. with an hour in between. There was also someone walking around on stilts. We left early because they just played music when an act wasn't on. I would give the vacation 0 stars for the extra charge. Otherwise it would be 3 stars. Food not 5 star, drinks watered down, The best food there was the steak tacos next to the pool from 11-5 pm.