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Changes to WestJet accounts

Did you recently receive an email from WestJet advising that your WestJet account now comes with WestJet Rewards? Here are a few questions that you may have, and some answers we hope will help.

We're aligning all WestJet accounts to make things easier for our guests, and to ensure all our guests receive the maximum benefits.

You most likely created a WestJet account to manage your bookings online or subscribe to email communications. An account may have also been created by our contact centre on your behalf if you were issued a Travel Bank credit for a non-refundable ticket change, cancellation or service credit. A Travel Bank requires a WestJet account in order to be linked to you — the Travel Bank owner.

We never want to send more email than we need to but you may receive more than one email if you have multiple accounts with us. There are a few reasons for this: 1) you may have created multiple accounts using one email address but with a different name on each account, 2) you may have created accounts using different email addresses, or 3) the same email address was used for multiple people in your household or corporation. Each individual traveller must have their own account. If you have more than one account in your name, we can make things easier by consolidating your accounts, and helping you keep everything – Rewards and Travel Bank included – in one place. Just click here to email us, and we'll get things squared away.

We've improved our process to include WestJet Rewards with your WestJet account. Up until now, your WestJet ID gave you access to great benefits like storing a personal profile, managing your online bookings and travel credits and receiving email communications — now you can start earning WestJet dollars too.

You may already be a member if you joined our WestJet Rewards program with a different WestJet ID than the one shown in the notification email. If you receive monthly WestJet Rewards updates from us or see a WestJet dollars balance when you sign in with your other WestJet ID, you're already a member and may not need this account. If so, contact us by email and provide us with the details of both accounts. We'll fix it. Click here to contact us.

You're eligible to earn on your very next trip with us. Just add your WestJet ID to your booking and the WestJet dollars will be credited to your account upon completion of travel. WestJet Rewards members earn WestJet dollars on flights, vacation packages, car rentals and hotel stays. Earn even more when you pay with a WestJet RBC MasterCard. Check out the details at

If you already have an existing flight reservation, you can add your WestJet ID when you check in online or at an airport kiosk. When making new reservations on, just sign in with your email address or WestJet ID prior to making your booking and your number will be automatically added to the reservation. You can also add your WestJet ID to WestJet Vacations bookings, as well as car rental and hotel stays booked on

Sorry, but no. WestJet Rewards is an individual traveller program. Eligible spend will only be applied to the account of the person whose name and WestJet ID match those on the booking. You may enter the traveller's WestJet ID when making a booking on behalf of another person; however, you cannot enter your own WestJet ID. This also applies for bookings made for children. To earn WestJet dollars, each individual traveller must join WestJet Rewards and have their own WestJet ID.

Unfortunately, you may have set up an online profile to receive email communications or manage your bookings but did not join WestJet Rewards. We regret that we therefore can't credit you for flights you took in the past. But you don't need to miss out any longer.

Go to the Sign in page and click on the Forgot ID or Password link. Enter your WestJet ID, select RESET PASSWORD and an email will be immediately sent to you to reset your password.

Email us and we'll get things squared away. Click here to contact us.

You sure can — just email us and we'll help sort it out for you. Click here to contact us.

4-6 weeks. We realize that sounds like a stock answer, but we want to make sure we get it done right.

Your WestJet ID and password allow access to your personal information, WestJet dollars balance and Travel Bank credits (if applicable) at Keep in mind that to receive WestJet dollars, the name on your account must match the name on your government-issued photo ID used for air travel.

Just sign in at if you have a balance, it will be displayed in the right-hand column under your WestJet ID.

If you have further questions about your WestJet account or require assistance, please call us at 1-844-280-0190.

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