The Disney Frozen-themed plane.

WestJet’s second custom aircraft in collaboration with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts features Anna, Elsa and Olaf from
Disney’s beloved movie Frozen.

Check out why we think it's cool to be cold.


Over 170 gallons of paint were used to create the cold-to-warm scene on the Disney Frozen-themed plane. There were 23 colours used in the design and sparkles were added to sections of the paint to show movement as the aircraft flies through the sky. A team of painters came together from Canada, the United States and Germany to bring this livery to life.

Watch the painting of the aircraft

"We are proud to team up with our great friends at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts to create a sequel like no other."


The interior of the Disney Frozen-themed plane brings together a blend of colours that mimic the seasons. As guests enter the aircraft, they will notice that the colours transition from warm-to-cold, mirroring the exterior of the aircraft.

The front bulkhead of the aircraft highlights summer with signature sunflowers that soon transition into fall colours. Mid-cabin, the overhead bin artwork begins to show signs of winter which eventually transitions into a full freeze and snowflakes. The rear bulkheads of the aircraft display a winter scene much like those a guest would see straight from the movie Frozen.

Magic Plane

WestJet's first custom-painted Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 series aircraft features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

WestJet's first Disney plane