Introducing the

Flight Light

The Flight Light is currently in the prototype stage. We will be in beta-testing this summer and sharing updates throughout its development.1

Sometimes caring for
our guests
means caring
for the ones they love.

At WestJet, we take great care to ensure that all of our guests’ needs are met. Anyone who travels for work knows how challenging it is to be away from their family. We want to give our business travellers the ability to pursue opportunities, without losing connection with their loved ones at home.
This extra level of connectivity means our guests can love where they’re going even more.

Flightlight flashlight and flight path projector

A nightlight that uses live
flight data to project a
WestJet flight path onto a
child’s bedroom ceiling.

Kids spend their time counting down the days, hours, even minutes until their parents return. The WestJet Flight Light makes the wait a little bit easier. There’s always been a magic to looking up at an aircraft in the sky and wondering where it’s going. By connecting to live flight data, the Flight Light brings the magic of flying into a child’s bedroom and keeps travelling parents close to their families.


How it will work1


Flight Light Development Status



Lighting the way

The Flight Light takes inspiration from the WestJet 787 Dreamliner to create a fun, interactive device that kids won’t be able to put down. The base of the light also functions as a regular nightlight, illuminating a warm glow to keep kids company throughout the night.

Daughter watching flight path on ceiling


Starlight projections

The live flight data, along with an array of starlight, project upwards from the wing-shaped base of the light onto the ceiling.

Airplane flight path projected on ceiling


Detachable flashlight

A detachable flashlight takes the shape of the aircraft body as it sits between the wings. When the flight path isn’t being projected, kids can use the flashlight to project a silhouette of an aircraft around the house and create their own adventures.

Glowing Flightlight nightlight with detachable flashlight


Staying connected

Through the Flight Light mobile app, messages and emojis can be sent and projected in real time on the ceiling.

Mother sitting in business cabin on flight home


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WestJet Flight Light

We have created a prototype of the Flight Light that will be in beta-testing throughout the summer. Stay up to date on the progress of Flight Light by joining WestJet Rewards. It is free to join, and gives you access to exclusive offers and benefits. Sign up to subscribe today.

Legal, restrictions and terms and conditions
1The Flight Light is currently in development; final product and specifications may vary.