Student WestJetter program

Student WestJetter program

WestJet's involvement with students is growing. Our approach is to partner with universities and technical institutes that are aligned with WestJet's culture, values and business objectives. In doing so, students will receive a professional and meaningful experience related to their field as well as a healthy dose of the caring WestJet culture.

We are simultaneously working to advance WestJet's leadership development programs and look forward to the mentoring opportunities these programs will provide for WestJetters.

If you're interested in the variety of co-op/internship opportunities at WestJet, please contact your school directly to start the conversation. We want you to have a relevant and unique experience, so it's important to begin by involving your school's program. From there, your school will contact us to see if there's a fit for an available opportunity with your area of study.

Happy studying!

A WestJet co-op success story

When a great student combines with a meaningful co-op placement at WestJet, amazing things can happen. WestJetter Sean is living proof. Read on to learn how his co-op experience turned into a career at WestJet.

Abigail, Manager Talent: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started with WestJet?

Sean, Digital Advisor: I started my WestJet career as a co-op student for WestJet Vacations. I think the title was Student Coordinator of Web Business (that's what we called the Digital team in the old days).

Abigail: Why did you do a co-op?

Sean: I chose a co-op because it was part of our curriculum in my Communications program at Mount Royal University. I was attracted to programs that offered co-ops because I learn better with hands on experience and would also enter the workforce with some relevant experience.

Abigail: What stood out about your experience?

Sean: When I asked about the dress code, the manager told me it was a professional corporate setting, so I showed up to my first day in a full suit and tie. After a lot of jokes and new-guy comments, I started to see that the culture was everything I heard it was. The team really took me under their wing and gave me introductory projects that challenged me at a comfortable pace. I was happy to see that everything I had been learning could be applied in the workplace. For some reason, I was surprised that everything I was learning in the classroom was applicable!

Abigail: How did it help with your academic studies?

Sean: In the classroom a student learns about theory, but often has no real-life experience about how that theory actually works. The experience I gained through the co-op gave me a reference point that validated some theories and helped make sense of others that used to confuse me. It assisted in unifying many of the core concepts I was learning and gave me the confidence I needed to know I was moving in the right direction.

Abigail: Would you recommend a co-op experience for a student?

Sean: Absolutely. It's a great way for a student to get real-world experience, see how the industry you're about to enter works from the inside out and validate your learning. It helps put your career-related life decisions into perspective.

Abigail: What do you think the benefits of a co-op student are to the business?

Sean: There are a ton of benefits. We all know how busy it can get around here. A co-op student usually offers specialized professional entry-level support to help manage the workload of a team. The support on those activities usually frees up resources for more senior team members to focus on more senior projects.

Another benefit is that a co-op student often brings to the table understanding on new processes and technology. Infusion of new ideas and energy are always a plus.

Finding and hiring the right person for the right position is always a challenge, so the opportunity to effectively screen an individual who may have the potential to become a full-time WestJetters is valuable.

Finally, investing in the community and making a positive difference is what WestJet stands for. The opportunities we provide through co-op programs are investments into the success of these students' future careers and lives.

Abigail: In closing, is there anything you'd like to add?

Sean: My experience with this program led to many great successes in my life. It empowered me to complete my degree. It motivated me to act as a mentor with my alma mater. It led to a permanent and challenging position with a top-tier company. I'd wholeheartedly recommend a co-op program to anyone who is striving for similar results.