WestJet Christmas Miracle : 12 Flights of Christmas

For 12 days, we surprised thousands of guests across our network to spread a little WestJet Christmas cheer. Our WestJetters and special guests brought them to life, but the vision came straight from the minds of those who know the magic of Christmas best – children.

Flight 1

Experiences or Stuff

You voted for Experiences. Watch how Mrs. Claus and Genie Bouchard surprise our guests in Montreal with memorable experiences.

Flight 2

Bells or Bows

You voted for Bows. Here’s how Santa Claus and Jillian Harris integrated bows into a memorable Christmas experience for our guests in Calgary.

Flight 3

Home or Away

You voted for Home. See how Aaron Sanchez brings the feeling of Christmas home with a snow globe at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Flight 4

Tickets or Toys

You voted for Tickets. Guests arriving in Winnipeg will not only get a special treat from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, they’ll also get a surprise ticket with their bags.

Flight 5

Ugly Christmas Sweaters or Festive Attire

You voted for Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Watch to see how we integrate ugly sweaters into our Christmas Miracle experience in Hamilton with Colin Mochrie.

Flight 6

International or Domestic

You voted for International, so we placed a giant gift at Edmonton International Airport for our guests to unwrap with some international tickets. You’ll want to see all the layers of this one!

Flight 7

Sweet or Sour

You voted for sweet and we decorated a giant gingerbread gate at Ottawa international Airport with some sweet goodies for all to eat.

Flight 8

Digital or Paper

You voted for digital. Now watch as Canada’s storyteller, Peter Mansbridge, shares a Christmas story and a little Christmas cheer with our guests in Vancouver.

Flight 9

Jingle Bells or Silent Night

You voted for Jingle Bells, but both are classic songs for sure. Our guests in Halifax were treated to the festive sounds of Jingle Bells by Matt Dusk before their flight.

Flight 10

Inflight or Gate

You voted for inflight of course! So we sent Walk Off The Earth to 40,000 feet to host our first ever Airplane-oke. Watch it now.

Flight 11

Blue or Green

You voted for blue. Our check in counters in Regina got a little more blue too. A lot more, actually. Check it out.

Flight 12

Turkey or Ham

You voted for turkey - a Christmas classic! Now it’s time to dine at carousel nine. There’s no tastier way to wrap-up our 12 Days of Christmas than with a meal cooked by celebrity chef Nicole Gomes.

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