The Avett Brothers

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The Avett Brothers

Photo credit: Crackerfarm


Old-timey folk music is typically absent from the mainstream's musical lexicon. It's a strange style of music that harkens back to a simpler times when people weren't connected and intertwined by technology. The lack of folk music has almost created a need for the genre, though, and this is partly why The Avett Brothers have found success. They're one of the few folk bands around that has brought back nostalgic instrumentation and simple songs that are easy to like. The band, from Concord, North Carolina, does, however, incorporate modern influences into its songs to add a bit more relevance to the music and make it sound like folk music that's clearly from the 21st century.

Location:  Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 650 Hamilton Street

Date:  Sep 13, 2018 7:30 p.m.