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Hop aboard the majestic Jabberwocky and sail across the sparking, turquoise waters of the Caribbean with Adventure Caribbean Yacht Charter. This local charter company offers private charters aboard the Jabberwocky - a 50-foot yacht that can comfortably accommodate 2-10 people. Set sail with that special someone on a private Sunset Cruise and spend the evening swimming, snorkeling and sailing before retiring to a private beach to watch the sun set as you sip on champagne. Or, embark on a day tour of the coast of the island nation. Adventure Caribbean also offers a host of other tours including celebration cruises for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, day cruises, morning snorkels, special charters for cruise ship passengers, and term charters, each customized to suit your needs. You can opt to have a chef on board to prepare a delicious meal to complete what is sure to be a memorable day on the water. All tours are private, so you won't have to share this unforgettable experience with any other than your family and friends.

Location:  Palm Beach Drive