Antigua Carnival

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Antigua's annual Carnival began many years ago to mark the celebration of emancipation. Since then the tradition of revelry and abandonment has remained a theme in every year's celebration. The city of St. John's comes alive for ten days with brightly colored costumes and pageantry. Lots of folks travel thousands of miles to enjoy the famous J'ouvert morning jam. This session begins around four o'clock in the morning and runs late in the day. The Parading of Bands, Troupes and Groups allows parade participants to flaunt their extravagant clothing creations to the crowds. And don't miss the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show, where beautiful contestants compete for the coveted title of 'Ms. Jaycees'. The last day of the festivities are marked by what's known as Carnival - Last Lap. It takes place on the streets in the evening and usually ends around midnight.

Location:  Antigua Recreation Ground, 60 Newgate Street

Date:  Jul 27, 2018 8 p.m.