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A spectacular view of the palm-fringed beaches, sparkling waters and jade islands of Jolly Harbour await diners at the spectacular Carmichael's at Sugar Ridge Resort. Floor to ceiling windows grant a spellbinding view of the sunset as the painted sky gives way to the velvety darkness of a night sky punctuated by a smattering of stars. While the view is reason enough to visit, Carmichael's delights with a exceptional culinary offer of fresh seafood, refined Caribbean cuisine, and a selection of international dishes prepared under the auspicious guidance of Chef Gregory Williams. The seven-course tasting menu is an ideal choice for a wider sampling of the delicacies on offers, or opt for the special "Sunday Chill" to dine by the pool and relish small plates beneath the open sky. Private gazebos can be set up as well for a more intimate dining experience. Complete with a bar serving exquisite cocktails and fine wine, Carmichael's is truly a gourmet's paradise.

Location:  Valley Road, Sugar Ridge Resort

Business hours:  Mo-Su 6:00 p.m.-Close