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Practical Information

Originally built in 1750, the Alta Vista Chapel was the first Roman Catholic church to be built in Aruba. The church was established by a group of Catholic Indians and it was here that Domingo Antonio Silvestre of Venezuela began to convert other natives of Aruba to Christianity. Perched high above the sea with a spectacular view of the surroundings, the chapel remained the centerpiece of Catholic faith in Aruba until the plague forced the residents of Alta Vista to abandon their homes and beloved church in favor of a more secure residence in Noord. The church soon fell to ruin, but was later rebuilt at the same site in 1952 and boasts a simple design, with semi-circular pews and a bright yellow facade. The boundaries of the original church have been marked by a stone border, and at the altar stands a statue of the Mother Mary, patron saint of the church. Outside you will also find a few stone pews built to accommodate a larger number of worshipers. Although the humble chapel is neither grand nor elaborate in form, it boasts an austere charm and meditative atmosphere that appeals to both the religious and non-religious. The chapel may be reached via a winding road that is lined with the Stations of the Cross. Religious services are held here every week. For more information contact the tourist information authority at +1 800 862 7822.

Location:  Alto Vista