Explore shipwrecks, even if you can't dive or swim

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Aruba's shipwrecks can be enjoyed by everyone. Visiting the Antilla site aboard a catamaran or sailing ship is one of the most popular activities in Aruba. Once there, don snorkel gear (provided) and float in the calm water above the wreck to see the ship, and all kinds of marine life. If you don't know how to snorkel, the crew will teach you.

Or go underwater without getting wet on a submarine. It's the best way to see what divers see, while staying dry. The Atlantis from De Palm Tours dives as deep as 39 metres for views of two shipwrecks. If that sounds too deep, you may be more comfortable on the Seaworld Explorer, a semi-submarine that does not submerge. From your floating observatory 1.5 metres below the surface, you get a great view of the Antilla and the fish that throng around it through the wall-to-wall glass viewing chamber. A live commentary educates about sea life, reefs and the wreck. (Note that to board the Atlantis, children must be at least 0.9 metres tall or four years old; Seaworld Explorer is open to all ages.)