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Built in 1798 to protect Paarden Baai (Horses Bay) from attack, Fort Zoutman is the island's oldest surviving building. A need for the establishment of a fort at the site was first identified by the Dutch when Paarden Baai gained prominence as an intermediate harbor along the trade route between Curaçao and Venezuela. In 1868, the iconic Wilhelm III Tower was built on the occasion of it's namesake's birthday, and served the dual purpose of a lighthouse and clocktower until 1963 when the light was finally extinguished. With it's stately design, the striking red tower has come to be one of the island's most iconic and recognizable landmarks that attracts visitors from near and far. Over the years, the fort and tower have served a variety of purposes, and today house the Historical Museum of Aruba.

Location:  6 Zoutmanstraat

Business hours:  Mo-Fr 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.